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WEM 1/700 General Post-War Royal Navy (PE 700)


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WEM 1/700 General Post-War Royal Navy (PE 700). 

Contains: 3-Bar, 2-Bar & Bow-rails (Properly Spaced!), helicopter deck safety netting (folding and fixed), various yardarms, vertical and inclined ladders, stern gate rail sections, Lynx and Wasp helicopter details, relief-etched modern watertight doors, boat davits, anchor chains, propellers (4-blade), Seacat launcher guard rails, masthead arrays and platform/sponson supports. If you are building a Revell/Skywave/Dragon 1/700 Type 42 Destroyer we recommend PE 737 and for anyone building the 1/700 HMS Illustrious, HMS Ark Royal or HMS Invincible kits we recommend PE 742.  This superb set supplies enough  brass to build one of each kit!  If you want a less expensive set, suitable for building either an early Invincible or early Illustrious (converted from the Invincible kit), you might want to get PE 716 instead.