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WEM 1/700 Invincible Class Support Carrier (PE 716)


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WEM 1/700 Invincible Class Support Carrier (PE 716). We are making this etched brass set available for those of you out there who bought the Hi-Molds Invincible and Illustrious kits, and also to super-detail the Revell/Shanghai Dragon 1/700 Scale kits of HMS Invincible, HMS Illustrious, and HMS Ark Royal. Masses of etched brass detail in this large and comprehensive set including enough etched brass detail in the finest relief-etched brass for 9 Seakings and 6 Sea Harriers (you can now buy our own superbly cast 1/700 aircraft from us to make up the correct compliment!).  See also the updated and improved superset PE 742.

Contains: Replacement bulwarks, vertical ladders, 3-bar railings, 2-bar railings, Sea Harrier details, Sea King details, anchor cable, 1022 radar scanner, 35' workboat davits, lower boat deck davits, Huntress davits, hull intake grilles, Huntress launch bow rails, aft escape ladder, crane jib platform, accommodation ladders, ensign & jack staffs, fairleads, funnel grilles, forward floodlight gantry, aft floodlight gantry, retractable antenna array, 1006 navigational radar, bow safety nets (port), bow safety nets (stbd), stern safety nets, ski ramp safety nets, mainmast middle yards, 992 radar yards, mainmast lower yards, mainmast upper yards, foremast yards, mainmast foreward yards, crane hook, starboard funnel yard, bridge side yard, port funnel yard, D/F aerial yard.