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WEM 1/400 Scharnhorst/Gneisenau (PE 4002)


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WEM 1/400 Scharnhorst/Gneisenau (PE 4002).

Designed for the Heller kits. Fits out one model. LARGE PICTURE

One A4 size relief etched sheet.  Contains: 3 Bar Railings with Angled Stanchions, 3 Bar Railings (Plain), 2 Bar Railings with Close Stanchions, Vertical Ladder (Stock), Anchor Cables, 20mm Flak Veirling AA Mounting Assembly, Single 20mm Flak Mountings, 3.7cm Doppelflak AA Mounting, Main Crane Rigging, Main Crane Jib (Scharnhorst), Main Crane Base Assembly (Scharnhorst), Large Workboat Thwarts, Boat Crane Rigging,  Boat Crane Jibs, Inclined Ladders (6.5mm), Hose Reels, Watertight Doors, Deck Hatches, Watertight Doors, Inclined Ladders (9mm), Inclined Ladders (7.5mm), Bow Crests, Turret Armoured Sight Windows, Aircraft Hangar Side Catwalks, Oval Windows with Downward Openings, Ensign Staff and Stern Boom, Stern Eagle Crest, Arado 196 Seaplane Parts, Funnel Cap Ports, Dinghy Thwarts, FuMb 4 Antenna Plates, Whaleboat Thwarts, FuMo 27 Radar Antenna, FuMo 22 Radar Antenna, Bridge Wing Supports, Main Crane Jibs (Gneisenau), FuMb 7 Radar Antenna, Mainmast Upper Yardarm, Mainmast Mid Yardarm, Mainmast Mid Yardarm Rear, Skylight Hatches, Marx Float Top Halves, Marx Float Bottom Halves, Portholes with Hatches, Boat Davits, Bridge Front Platform Supports, FuMb7 Radar Mounting Brackets, Battery Deck Safety Nets, Searchlight Elevator Platform, Foremast Platforms and Supports, Berthing Bridge Wing Supports, Berthing Bridge Wings, Large Boat Booms.Foretop Rigging, Foretop Yard Large Footropes, Foretop Yard Small Footropes, Upper Turmast Platform Supports, Seaplane Catapult, Seaplane Launch Cradle, Catapult Platform, Oval Windows Side Opening, Main Crane Bases (Gneisenau), Assorted Handrails, Battery Deck Splinter Shields