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WEM 1/400 HMS King George V (PE 4005)


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WEM 1/400 HMS King George V (PE 4005)

Designed to fit the Heller kit. PICTURE 1 PICTURE 2

Covers all vessels of the class, and comes complete with 10 A4 pages of fully illustrated instructions.

Contains: Sheet One: Degaussing Coil Aft Armour Belt Section, Degaussing Coil, Forward Armour Belt Section, Degaussing Coil Stern Section, Degaussing Coil Starboard Bow Section, Degaussing Coil Port Bow Section, Deck Hatches, Crane 'A' Frame Pulley Wheels, Crane Jib, Crane 'A' Frame, 27' Whaler Thwarts, 27' Whaler Cradles, 32' Cutter Cradles, Watertight Doors, 45' Motor Boat Prop & Rudder, 45' Launch Thwarts, 45' Launch Cradles, 45' Motor Boat Cradles, Forward Boiler Room Vents, Aft Boiler Room Vents, 25' Motor Boat Cradles, Waffle Pattern Doors, 14' Dinghy Cradles, 16' Motor Boat Cradles, Seaboat Davits (32' Cutter), Foremast Starfish Assembly, Main Mast Starfish (Late), Main Mast Starfish (Early), 32' Cutter Thwarts, 4 Barrelled Pom-Pom Rear Armoured Shields 4 Barrelled Pom-Pom Base Plate, 4 Barrelled Pom-Pom Front Armoured Shields, Aft Funnel Platform Supports (Duke of York Only), Aft Funnel Platform (Duke of York Only), 8 Barrelled Pom-Pom Armoured Shields, 8 Barrelled Pom-Pom Base Plate.


Sheet Two: FH3 HF/DF Antenna (KGV/POW), 285 Radar Yagi Antennas, 281 Radar Antenna Pole, 281 Radar Antenna, Forward Funnel Siren Platform, Forward HACs Tower Platforms, Forward Funnel Cap Grill, Aft Funnel Cap Grill, Aircraft Launch Cradle, Mainmast IFF Antenna (Anson/Howe), 282 Radar Yagi Antennas, Vertical Ladders (Stock), Twin Powered 20mm Oerlikons, Single 20mm Oerlikons, Headache Antennas (Anson/ Howe), Elevated Crane Rigging (Left), Foremast Lower Yardarm Footropes, Main Mast Yardarm with 85/86 TBS Antennas, Fore Mast Yardarm with 85/86 TBS Antennas, Foremast Top 86 TBS Antenna, IFF Interogator Antenna, Main Mast Antennas (Anson/Howe), 277 Surface Radar Antenna, Foremast IFF Antenna, IFF Antennas (Anson/Howe), Foremast Top (Late Fit), Bridge Front DF Antenna, 284 Gunnery Radar Upper Antenna, 284 Gunnery Radar Lower Antenna, Walrus Amphibian Details, Headache Antenna Array (KGV/DOY), 91 TBS Antenna, ESM Antennas (Late Fit), Searchlight Lens Crosses, 27' Whaler Oars & Rudders, Anchor Chain, Crane Hooks, Crane 'A' Frame Rigging, RH 2 DF Antenna, 279 Radar Pole, 279 Radar Antennas, 279 Radar Platform, Crane Rigging (Left), Crane Rigging (Right), Elevated Crane Rigging (Right), Standards 3 Bar Railings (with Angled Stanchions), Standard 3 Bar Railings (Plain), 2 Bar Railings, 5.25 Gun Turret Armoured Windows, 8 Barrelled Pom-Pom Mounting, 8 Barrelled Pom-Pom Ammo Boxes, 8 Barrelled Pom-Pom Ammunition, 8 Barrelled Pom-Pom Ammo Box Stays, 8 Barrelled Pom-Pom Barrel Clusters, Inclined Ladders (Long), 4 Barrelled Pom-Pom Barrel Clusters, 4 Barrelled Pom-Pom Mounting, Inclined Ladders (Short), 32' Cutter Oars & Rudders, 45' Launch Oars & Rudder.