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WEM 1/400 HMS Illustrious (PE 4007)


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WEM 1/400 HMS Illustrious (PE 4007)

For the Heller kit. See also PRO 4001 Bridge Correction Set in the WEM 1/400 "Professional" accessories section.

Contains: 3 Bar Railing (Stock), 2 Bar Railings ( Standard & close Stanchion), 8 Barrelled Pom Pom Assembly, Large Inclined Ladders, Fore Mast Details (As Fitted), Fore Mast Details ( Late Fit), Main Mast ( Late Fit Only), Name Plates, Folding Antenna Lattices, Grumman Martlet Parts, Lower Bridge Wind Screen, Standard Inclined Ladders, 27' Whaler Oars and Rudders, Vertical Ladder (Stock), Searchlight Lens Crosses, Funnel Cap Grill, 281 Radar Antenna, Accommodation Ladders, HF/DF Antenna, Flight Deck Safety Nets, YE Homing Beacon, Starboard Forward Accommodation Ladder, Folding Conning Bridge, 279B Radar Antenna, Bridge Front DF Antenna, Funnel Platforms, Funnel Weather Vanes, Funnel Side Position Lights, Funnel Rear Position Lights, 282 Radar Yagi Antenna, 277 Radar Antenna, 277 Antenna Platform, 20mm Oerlikon (Single), 20mm Oerlikon (Twin), 285 Radar Yagi Antenna, Island Signal Light Catwalk, Fairey Swordfish Parts, 8 Barrelled Pom Pom Bases, Crane Hook, Crane Jib, Crane Pulley Wheels, Signal Light Bar, Liferaft Access Catwalk, Crane Base Gear Wheel, Crane Base, Gallows Cranes, Island Liferaft Frame, Bridge Sliding Doors, Stern Gun Platform, 27' Whaler Thwarts, 27' Whaler Cradles, Signal Semaphores, Stern Platform Supports, Waffle Pattern Doors, Vertical Liferaft Straps, Horizontal Liferaft Straps.