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WEM 1/400 HMS Hood (PE 4004)


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WEM 1/400 HMS Hood (PE 4004)

Designed to fit the Heller kit. LARGE PICTURE, or click here for an INDEPENDENT REVIEW

Consists of an A4 sheet and is absolutely complete. It comes with 5 A4 pages of fully illustrated instructions.

Contains:  3 Bar Railings with Angled Stanchions, 3 Bar Railings (Plain), 2 Bar Railings with Close Stanchions, Bow Section Railings, Bow Degaussing Coil (Starboard), Bow Degaussing Coil (Port), Degaussing Coil Sections, Hawse Pipe Covers, Searchlight Lens, Degaussing Coil ( Starboard Quarterdeck Step), Degaussing Coil (Port Quarterdeck Step), Foretop Starfish, Mainmast Starfish,  Mainmast Top Platform,  279 Radar Antenna, Mainmast Rigging,  16' Dinghy Cradles, Main Boat Crane Rigging, Funnel Cap Grills, 0.5" Quad Vickers Machine Gun Assembly, Quarterdeck Step Ladders, 25' Fast Motor Boat Side Cradles, 8 Barrelled Pom Pom Fittings,  25' Fast Motor Boat Standard Cradles, 685 Gunnery Radar Antenna, 684 Gunnery Radar Antenna, 32' Cutter Thwarts, 45' Launch Thwarts, 27' Whaler Thwarts, Whaler Oars,  Whaler Rudders, Accommodation Ladder Handrails, Accommodation Ladder Davits, Accommodation Ladders, 35' Fast Motor Boat Cradles,  Wireless House Aerial Spreader, Semaphores, 27' Whaler Davits, Vertical Ladders (Stock), Anchor Cable, Deck Access Hatches, Foretop Yard Arms,  Boiler Room Vent Grills,  Foretop Rear Windows, Deck Skylights, Loading Davits,  Main Director Arm Supports, Small Skylights,  Foretop Front Windows,  Foretop Aerial Spreader, Admirals Bridge Windows, 45' Launch Cradles,  Stern Boat Boom, Watertight Doors, 45' Motor Launch Prop and Rudder, 35' Fast Motor Boat Fittings, 'X' Turret Side Platforms, Torpedo Loading hatches, Inclined Ladder (Stock).