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WEM 1/350 USS Enterprise 'The Ship' (PE 35022)


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WEM 1/350 USS Enterprise (CVN-65) 'The Ship' (PE 35022).

Designed for the Tamiya and Trumpeter kits. One A4 size sheet with massive array of details. 

Contains: 3 bar and 2 bar standard and close stanchioned guard rails, elevator safety rail, safety nets: front deck angled and small angle, bow, elevator edges, roundown, port forward phalanx, port and starboard bow catchers; folding side antenna handles, 3 and 4 point aerial spreaders, side sensor deck grid, SPS 10 radar antenna assembly, SPS 49 mounting safety nets, mast upper and lower yardarms assembly, wind direction vanes, SPS 49 radar antenna screen, assembly and backing; frames, SPS 48 radar antenna screen Assembly and support braces; approach radar scanner centre probe, island port and starboard director platform supports, island starboard upper sensor platform braces, aft SPN 41 platform supports, island vertical ladders and cages, cone antenna (upper yardarm starboard), island forward aerial spreader and spreader assembly, mast approach radar platform assembly, mast sensor platform assembly, long inclined ladders, port and starboard fitting short inclined ladders, cable and hose reel assemblies, boat falls, island VHF antenna, DF antenna, stock inclined ladder, stock vertical ladder, island pole antenna, arrestor wire guides, accommodation ladders, island mounted hose reels, catapult operators deck hatches, WT Doors with handwheel, standard watertight doors, watertight door with QR handle and watertight door inner sides.


Does not contain air wing fittings. These are available separately as PE 35023, or in the combined set PE 35024.

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"Done this one a number of years back, this set of etch brings an old kit up to current standards." - Raymond Wenzel