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WEM 1/350 USS Enterprise  CVN 65 "The Airwing" (PE 35023)


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WEM 1/350 USS Enterprise  (CVN-65) "The Airwing" (PE 35023)

Contains a huge number of parts and stores to enhance the air wing on your kit. Enough for the kit aircraft plus parts for one set of Tamiya Aircraft Set Two.

Contains large aircraft jacks, fluid replenishment trolley parts, aircraft towing frames, forklift trucks, sidewinder missile trolleys, flatbed trailers, start cart hoses and flight deck crash barricade.


Plus the following aircraft parts:

F-14 Tomcat: airbrake panels, main and nose undercarriage doors, weapons pylons, nose undercarriage legs, nose wheels, wing flaps, arrester hooks, nose rangefinders, compressed nose undercarriage legs.

F/A 18 Hornet: m
ain wheels, main undercarriage legs, main undercarriage doors, arrester hooks, wing flaps, air brakes, inner and outer weapon pylons, nose undercarriage side doors, rear doors, legs and front doors; nose wheels.

A6 Intruder/EA6 Prowler: main undercarriage legs and doors, main wheels, wing tip air brakes, wing fold supports and flaps, dive brakes, weapon pylons, refuelling probes, nose wheels and undercarriage legs; arrester hooks.

A7 Corsair: missile rails, 
main and nose undercarriage doors, inner and outer weapon pylons; arrester hooks.

S3 Viking: m
ain undercarriage door inners, outers and rears, nose wheels, nose undercarriage doors and legs, weapon pylons and wing fold support plates.

E2C Hawkeye: main wheel halves, main undercarriage legs and front and rear doors, wing fold plates, inner and outer wing flaps, nose undercarriage legs and front and side doors, nose wheels and arrester hooks.

SH3 SeaKing:
 main rotors (folded and open), tail rotors and doors.



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Please note that if you are buying set PE 35024, this set is already included.