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Colourcoats WW2 USN Non-Specular Sea Blue ANA607 ACUS33


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Colourcoats ACUS33 - WW2 USN Non-Specular Sea Blue ANA607, enamel paint, matte finish.

Used on the upper surfaces of fuselages on tri-colour US Navy aircraft in mid 1943 - mid'44. Use with ANA606 Semi-Gloss Sea Blue, ANA608 Non-Specular Intermediate Blue and ANA601 Insignia White. If painting national insignia, then please also see ACUS39 Insignia Blue ANA605.

The upper surface of the wings and tails was not the same colour - the upper surfaces of the wings and fuselage was ANA606 Semi-Gloss Sea Blue ACUS07 which is not simply glossier, but a different shade and hue. Please treat any reference to Federal Standard matches with caution - there are no direct matches. FS595 was not invented until after 1950 and the FS colours often stated as being equivalent to Army-Navy Aeronautical standard (ANA) US Navy sea blues (e.g. 15042, 25042, 35042) are not a match for WW2 colours, but would be appropriate for Korean war aircraft e.g. F9F Panther etc.
If your WW2 model is an all-over blue scheme from late 1944 onwards, you need ANA623 Glossy Sea Blue, which is a different colour again and, as before, not the same as FS15042 despite the latter claiming to represent ANA623.

Available in 14ml tins.