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Colourcoats Bronze Green 9 ACUS30


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Colourcoats ACUS30 - Bronze Green 9, enamel paint, satin finish.

Originally a US Army colour, adopted by US Navy pre-war following complaints of glare from silver interiors. Roll-out / implementation sketchy. Your own research in to your subject is strongly encouraged - there's lots of confusion around between this and ACUS24 Dark Dull Green!

Typically used for:

  • Grumman built F4F Wildcat cockpits
  • TBD Devastator cockpits
  • Some B17 / B24 cockpits

Officially Bronze Green was replaced from March 1940 by ACUS24 Dark Dull Green, but Bronze Green #9 was still being applied to AT-6s until 1944, and apparently F100 Super Sabres and B-47 Stratojets until the 1950s.

Available in 14ml tins.