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  STRAIGHTENING WATERLINE RESIN HULLS You will need: 3 small plastic "G" clamps   . A flat-bottomed pan or dish Rubber gloves Boiling Water A hard flat surface such as a kitchen countertop that you can clamp the hull to Method: Place the hull into the pan or dish...
Thursday 1st January 1970


This month's masthead photo is HMS Gorleston, a Banff-class escort sloop. She was one of ten U.S. Coast Guard Lake-class cutters--the entire class--transferred to the Royal Navy in 1941 under the provisions of Lend-Lease. The ships were better sea-boats than the more well-known 4-stack destroyers transferred under Lend-Lease...
Tuesday 4th February 2014


It's the start of a new year (and in 12 months we'll be asking again where the heck it went!). Snow is falling here in West Virginia and we're headed for some seriously cold weather. But that aside, the whole WEM team would like to wish a Happy New Year to everyone. Outside it may be snowing...
Thursday 2nd January 2014


          Our masthead photo for July is HMS Glamorgan, which just happens to be the subject of the latest 1/350 scale release from Peter Hall's Atlantic Models, priced at £209.99 including VAT. It's shipping now and going fast, so order now to avoid missing out!
Tuesday 2nd July 2013