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WEM 1/72 Short Stirling Interior Detail Set (PE 7248)


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WEM 1/72 Short Stirling Interior Detail Set (PE 7248).


1. Main Cabin Floor
2.Starboard Cabin Foot Step
3.Flight Engineer's Footboards
4.Co-Pilot's Seat Floor Extension
5.Cockpit Floor
6.Pilot's Foot Plates
7.Wireless Operator's Table
8.Mid-Upper Turret Fittings
9.Navigator's Seat Straps
10. WO’s Seat Straps
11.Smoke Float Rack
12.Smoke Float Cradles
13.Main Cabin Bulkhead
14.Navigator's Chart Holder
15.Instrument Box
16.Aft Cabin Half Bulkhead
17.Starboard Forward Bulkheads
18.Port Forward Bulkheads
19.Bomb Aimer's Couch
20.Bomb Aimer's Jump Seat
21.Bomb Aimer's Left Hand Panel
22.Forward Table Top
23.Bomb Aimer's Switching Panel
24.Bombing Computer Assembly
25.Jump Seat Lap Straps
26.Wireless Op's Left Panel
27.Wireless Op's Table Support
28.Wireless Op's Seat
29.Engineer's Panel
30.Nose Turret Fittings
31.Flare Rack
32.Flare Cradles
33.Tail Section Floor
34.Engineer's Seat Straps
35.Tail Section Forward Bulkhead
36.Tail Section Middle Bulkhead
37.Tail Section Aft Bulkhead
38.Flight Engineer's Seat
39.Flight Engineer's Seat Pedestal
40.Engineer's Control Wheels (Large)
41.Engineer's Control Wheels (Small)
42.Engineer's Control Frame
43.Bomb Aimer's Position & Sight
44.Forward Compartment Steps
45.Flight Instrument Panel
46.Pilot's Left Panel
47.Pilot's Instrument Panel
48.Pilot's Control Wheels
49.Rudder Pedals
50.Tail Turret Access Door
51.Co-Pilot's Seat Rear Frame
52.Co-Pilot's Seat Mounting
53.Co-Pilot's Seat
54.Co-Pilot's Seat Base Frame
55.Pilot's Parachute Stowages
56.Cabin Starboard Side Conduit
57.Signal Lamp Mounting (Starboard)
58.Signal Lamp Mounting (Port)
59.Pilot's Seat Rails
60.Seat Rail Packing Strips
61.Galley Stove
62.Fresh Water Tank
63.Elsan Toilet Assembly
64.Tail Turret Fittings
65.Throttle Quadrant Sections
66.Throttle Quadrant End Plates
67.Selector Lever
68.Wireless Operator's Main Panel
69.Pilot's Seat Rear Frame
70.Pilot's Seat Mounting
71.Pilot's Seat
72.Pilot's Armour Plate (Lower)
73.Pilot's Armour Plate (Upper)
74.Pilot's Seat Base Frame
75.Navigator's Table Support
76.Navigator's Table Top
77.Navigator's Main Panel
78.Mounting Frame
79.Angle Poise Lamp
80.Navigator's Seat
81.Crew Parachute Stowages
82.Privacy Curtain
83.Toilet Mounting Frame
84.Tail Gunner's Access Ladder
85.Pilot's Seat Harnesses
86.Main Instrument Bezels
87.Flight Instrument Bezels
88.Engineer's Instruments
89.Navigator's Instruments
90. Engineer's Instruments
91.Wireless Bezel

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