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WEM 1/700 WWII Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship (PE 734)


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WEM 1/700 WWII Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship (PE 734). Includes parts for Warspite, Barham, Malaya, QE and Valiant. 

Contains 3-bar rails, 2-bar rails, anchor cable, narrow & wide vertical ladders, inclined ladders, foretopmast support platform, sternwalk canopy, sternwalk & support brackets, sternwalk rail, mainmast Admirals toplight, foremast anemometer, bridge D.F. aerial, funnel cap cage, 20mm oerlikons, turret oerlikon platform safety nets,  accommodation ladder davits, aft accommodation ladder, midships accommodation ladder, anchors, aft superstructure stove pipe, crane boom support platforms, crane booms and rigging, forecastle loading davits, foremast starfish, type 75W/T unit, searchlight platform davits, aircraft catapult ramps, pom-pom directors, harbour davits, funnel searchlight platform, funnel siren platform, paravane streaming derricks, 27' whaler oars and rudder, type 285 radar antennas, tyspe 650 jamming aerial, foretopmast platform, type 281 radar aerials, night lifebuoys, eight-barrelled pom-poms, sundry watertight doors and hatches, funnel lower platform, loading derricks, stream anchors, carley raft stowage racks, 32' cutter oars and rudder, type 284 gunnery radar aerials, jackstaff, ensign staff, 32' cutter davits, Walrus parts, late-pattern watertight doors, 35' motor boat chocks, 30' fast motor boat chocks, 27' whaler chocks, 45' motor launch chocks, 45' motor boat chocks, 3-pdr. saluting guns, 30’ gig chocks, funnel platform and sirens, platform braces, stream anchors, Malaya pom-pom deck supports, 4" mount splinter shields, Malaya foremast starfish, Malaya mainmast starfish, Malaya spotting top anemometer, funnel cage, quad Vickers 0.5" M.G.