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WEM 1/700 USS Indianapolis (PE 746)


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WEM 1/700 USS Indianapolis (PE 746). Designed to fit the Tamiya kit and will build either the early or late fit. 

Contains: Foremast yardarm supports, foremast yardarm footropes, anchor cable, catapult side walkway, aircraft catapult, catapult rear railings, catapult front railings, aircraft launch cradle, catapult rear upper platforms, main aircraft handling crane, bridge platform front supports, director platform rear supports, ensign staff, bridge windscreen frame, crane hook, SC radar screen, prop guards, capstan top plates, inclined ladder stock, vertical ladder stock, 1942 fit aft crane jib, 1942 fit aft crane rigging, 1942 fit aft crane legs, turret doors, jack staff, mainmast top platform, mainmast top antenna, mainmast yardarm supports, mainmast mid platform, mainmast top plate front brace, mainmast rear crossbracing, ECM platforms, mainmast, mainmast front antenna & aircraft propellers.



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"This set is a must have addition to the Tamiya Indianapolis kit. With superbly fine detail including options for building an early version of the Indianapolis such as a boat crane and two catapults, only the port catapult was included on the Indianapolis at the time of its sinking. Plenty of rails and ladders, both vertical and sloped. Detailing for both masts and the radar are particularly well done and plenty of detail such as hatches and float baskets to give depth to the detailing. Highly recommended to bring this superb kit to life." - Graham Thompson