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WEM 1/700 USS Hornet/Enterprise (PE 755)


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WEM 1/700 USS Hornet/Enterprise (PE 755). Fittings for the Tamiya 1/700 USS Hornet (CV 8) & Enterprise (CV 6).  

Contains 3-bar standard railings, 2-bar standard railings, 3-bar close stanchion railings, 2-bar close stanchion railings, flight deck forward railings, funnel catwalk assemblies, funnel cap grilles, flight deck windbreaks (rear), anchor chain, windbreak support frames, flight deck windbreaks (forward), forward flight deck support girder, SC1 radar antenna, Mk4/Mk12 fire control radar, flight deck aft railings, forward & aft LSO/Batman jump nets & platforms, starboard bridge wing support, YF homing beacon antenna, island aft landing support frame, CXAM radar mounting & antenna, foremast lower yardarms, vertical ladders (stock), crane hooks, main deck crane assembly, elevator surround railings, SC2 radar antenna, SM radar antenna assembly & mounting, 5" gun sponson F/D safety nets, mainmast yardarm & footropes, foremast upper yardarm & footropes, stowed accommodation ladders, inclined ladders, long inclined ladders, starboard aft twin bofors mount support, twin 40mm bofors assemblies, quad 40mm bofors assemblies, quad .5" MG mountings, single 20mm oerlikons, 5"/38 single gun mount fittings, .50cal machine guns, B25 bomber fittings, F4U corsair fighter fittings, SB2C helldiver fittings, TBM/TBF Avenger fittings and F6F Hellcat fighter fittings.