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WEM 1/700 USS Baltimore/Pittsburgh (PE 768)


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WEM 1/700 USS Baltimore/Pittsburgh (PE 768).  For the Trumpeter kits.

The 12 Quad Bofors mounts are not included in this fret, so order PE 771 as well if you require these parts. It worked out cheaper for the customer this way than it would have done to produce everything on one fret!

Contains 3-bar close-stanchion, 3-bar standard & 2-bar standard railings, crane hook pulley wheels, crane hooks, aircraft handling crane, crane rigging cable & rear pulley wheels, late fit mainmast yardarm, forward funnel rear platform, small & large floater net baskets, vertical & inclined ladders, anchor chain, assorted watertight doors, Mk 29 radar antenna, aircraft catapult assembly, SPS-43 radar antenna, lower bridge windshield, SK radar antenna, Kingfisher floatplane propellers, wing float struts & launch cradles; foretopmast pole platform, mainmast top antenna, twin 40mm bofors mountings, SK-2 radar antenna assembly, aft superstructure steps, foremast yardarm braces, aft superstructure steps handrails, foremast top antenna platform (late fit), funnel side whip antenna brackets, stern 40mm gun tub cross bracing, YE1 mast top antennas, SPS-6 radar antenna, fore funnel searchlight platform supports, amidships AA tower gantries, aft funnel platform gantry, SPS-8 radar antenna, foremast platform & yardarm, accommodation ladder assembly, Mk 12 height finder antennas, foremast yardarm (late fit), aft funnel platform supports, Mk. 4 & Mk. 25 fire control antennas, mainmast platform &  yardarm, SPS-10 radar antenna, SG radar antennas, foremast top antenna (late fit), funnel cap grilles, 20mm single oerlikons, bridge front extension (Baltimore), fore funnel vent box catwalk and ladders,SM-1 radar antenna, fore funnel vent box assembly and Mk 8 fire control radar catwalks & mountings.