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WEM 1/700 Type 22 Frigate (PE 712)


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European Union (Non-UK), South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Europe - Non EU, Near and Middle East, UK


Canada, Mexico


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WEM 1/700 Type 22 Frigate (PE 712). Useful for ANY Modern Royal Navy subject!

Contains: Flight deck safety nets, boarding ladder, foremast and mainmast yardarms, hangar floodlights, mast antennas, DF loop, Gemini launch crane, STWS davits, mainmast array, Pacific Seaboat launch gantry, mainmast lower RAS gantries, bridge port side RAS gantry, boat davits, Lynx main and tail rotors, funnel top aerial spreader, funnel side aerial spreaders, mainmast platforms, mainmast platform shrouds, Mainmast aft aerial spreader, Mainmast top antenna Foremast aft quarter yards, jackstaff, foremast radar platform rails and ensign staff.