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WEM 1/700 HMS Renown (PE 747)


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WEM 1/700 HMS Renown (PE 747). The PE fret from our Renown kit, suitable for the Trumpeter/Pit Road kits. Contains parts list, but no fitting instructions.

Contains 3 bar railings (with angled supports), 3 bar railings (plain), 2 bar railings, 2 bar railings (close stanchions), anchor cable, vertical ladder (stock), double loading doors, standard doors, deck access hatches, skylight hatches, deck loading hatches, single 20mm oerlikon mounting, twin 20mm oerlikon mounting, 8 barrelled pom-poms, .5" quad machine gun mounting, 4 barrelled pom pom, 281 radar antenna, 32' cutter thwarts and oars, sounding platforms, 25' fast motor boat cradles, aft accommodation ladders, aft accommodation ladder rails, accommodation ladder davits, hangar roof boat cradles, 285 radar yagi antennas, 282 radar yagi antennas, catapult turntables, forward accommodation ladders, forward accommodation ladder rails, walrus amphibian parts, walrus launch cradle, mainmast starfish platform, mainmast top platform, funnel sirens, mainmast yardarm, mainmast starfish weather vane, hangar overhang boat cradles, aft boat booms, B' turret range finder supports, foremast yardarms, foreward boat booms, 27' whaler thwarts and oars, quarter deck step upper ladders, quarter deck step lower ladders, inclined ladders (standard), main gunnery director doors, stove pipes, binnacle pedestals, foremast starfish platform railings, foremast top platform, binocular pedestals, foremast starfish platform, 32' cutter davits, 27' whaler davits, stern anchor, bridge front DF antenna, crane base frame, range finder pedestals, crane rigging, anchors, forward funnel cap grill, aft funnel cap grill, bridge side yards, fo'c'sle loading derricks, jack staff, searchlight lens crosses, ensign staff, wireless antenna, forward funnel upper platform, forward funnel, forward brackets, forward funnel aft antenna, crane jib, crane hooks, main director access platform.