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WEM 1/700 HMS London (PE 7114)


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WEM 1/700 HMS London (PE 7114)

Includes: 3-bar railing, Breakwater, Bridge front brackets, 27" whaler fittings, Copper punt, Loading davits, Sea Boat davits, Catapult including side extensions, Torpedo tube doors, Mast head platforms, Compass platform rangefinder arm, Catapult deck supports, Quad .50 caliber machine gun mountings, accommodation ladder, Tripod mast spacers, funnel sirens, crane rigging, crane jib and base, boat cradles, stream anchor, 32" cutter fittings, Foremast catwalk, Type 279 radar antennas, Searchlight platform and ladder, Aft director catwalk and ladders, Mainmast DF aerial, Bridge front DF aerial, Type 282 director tub supports, Searchlight tower braces, octuple Pom Pom mounts, Hangar doors, Radar lantern windows, Yardarms, ESM antenna, Foremast starfish platform and supports, Mainmast starfish platform, Funnel cap grills, Type 285 radar antennas, 36" pinnace fittings, Bridge Semaphores, Type 284 radar antenna, Type 282 antennas, Walrus aircraft parts, Anchor chain stock, Catapult launch cradles, Depth charge rails and frame, Paravane details, Crane jib rest, Anchors, Bridge front gun tub supports, Inclined ladders, Vertical ladder stock, 20mm Oerlikon mounts,  Stove pipes