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WEM 1/700 Flower Class Corvette (PE 719)


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WEM 1/700 Flower Class Corvette (PE 719)

Etched brass to suit several types of Flower Class (can be also used on any other small WW2 escort ship). 

Contains: Rudder, propeller, aft depth charge loading davit, arc lights, depth charge racks, twin Lewis guns and shields, 2 bar rails, 3 bar rails, vertical and inclined ladders, watertight doors, pom-pom & shield, aerial spreader, hatches, funnel cap grille, Carley float racks, funnel stove pipe, steaming lights, fairleads, boat davits, cruciform braces, 20mm Oerlikons and shields, WT aerial trunk, loudhailer, signal lamps, compass and pelorus, D.F. aerial, 4"ammo davit, anchors, loading davits, stove pipe, life rings, fixed davits, end plates for magnetic sweep gear, acoustic hammer assembly, Agassiz-type depth charge racks, sweep davits, semaphore, jack staff and D.C. gallows.