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WEM 1/700 E& F Class Destroyer (PE 766)


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WEM 1/700 E& F Class Destroyer (PE 766). For the Tamiya kit. 

Contains standard 3-bar, 2-bar platform and close stanchion railings; splinter matting, 291 radar antenna, .5" Vickers quad gun mounting, searchlight lens cross, bridge awning and windshield, forward and aft blast shield supports; oars, thwarts, rudders and securing straps for 27' whalers, 30' gigs and 16' dinghies; boat davits, short mainmast and yardarm, vertical and inclined ladders, HF/DF antenna array, 4.7" gun shields, anchors, .5" gun platform supports, forward and aft funnel cap grilles, bridge front DF antenna, anchor chain, rocket flare launch rails; depth charge davits, rail frames and rail plates; TSDS stern gantry with platform, wire antenna spreader, accommodation ladder rails and steps; mainmast tripod poles and yardarm aft funnel sirens and platform, foremast upper and lower yardarms and forward and aft Carley raft racks.