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WEM 1/600 WWII Ark Royal (PE 632)


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WEM 1/600 WWII Ark Royal (PE 632). Designed to fit the Airfix kit. LARGE PICTURE

Contains: 3 Bar Railings,  2 Bar Railings, 8 Barrelled Pom Pom Assembly,  .5" Quad Machine Gun Assembly,  27' Whaler Thwarts and Oars,  Main Crane Base,  Aircraft Crash Barrier,  Bridge Roof and Windscreen,  Bridge Roof Platform Brace, . Crane Hooks,  Main Crane Jib, Crash Barrier Deck Plates, Funnel Cap Grill, Thwartships Windbreak,  Windbreak Stays, Wide Aircraft Lift Surround, Aircraft Lift Surround, Aft Flightdeck Catwalk Net, Flightdeck Catwalk (Stern Section), Aft Flightdeck Catwalk Side Nets, Side Windbreak Supports, Side Windbreak,  Folding Radio Antenna,  Catapult Shuttles, Pom Pom Depression Stops, Pom Pom Tub Bases,  Catwalk Stern Section Stays, Side Windbreak Support Hinges, Pom Pom Pedestal Surround, Folded Accommodation Ladders,  Aircraft Tail Wheel Support Floor, Degaussing Coil, Folding Boat Davits, Anchors, Mast Upper Yardarm,  Mast DF Can Railing, Mast Upper Platform, Mast Yardarm Supports, Mast  Lower Platform Assembly, 40. Batsmans Screen, Accommodation Ladder Assembly, Side Catwalk Stays, Side Catwalk Nets, Side Catwalks, Catapult Rail,  Magnetic Countermeasures, MG Platform Supports, Vertical and Inclined Ladders, Arrester Wire Guides, Aft Searchlight Platform Supports, Folding Antenna  Hinges, Forward Folding Antenna Hinges, Swordfish Parts, Fulmar Parts, Watertight Doors, Anchor Cable