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WEM 1/600 "Ultimate" WWII RN Destroyer/Cruiser Set 1 (PE 630)


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WEM 1/600 "Ultimate" WWII RN Destroyer/Cruiser Set 1 (PE 630)


HMS CAMPBELTOWN Boat Skid Assembly, Prop Guards (British Type), Funnel Cap Grills, Depth Charge Rails, Torpedo Tube Sights, 3" Mk14 Gun Mounting, DF Antenna, Ensign Staff, Compass & Pelorus, Searchlight Tower, Prop Guards (American Type), Forward Boat Davits, Foc's'le Railings, Anchor Davits, 

HMS MANXMAN Director Yagi Aerials, Bridge DF Antenna,  Anchors,  Funnel Cap Grills, Crane Jibs, Small Stove Pipes, Medium Stove Pipes, Aft Director Sight, Mainmast Platform, Whaler Davits, Foremast Yardarms, Foremast Platform Supports, Mainmast Top, Handling Davits, Depth Charge Rails, Carley Raft Platform (Aft), Carley Raft Platform (Fwd), MG Platform X Bracing

Stove Pipes, Searchlight Platform, Funnel Siren Platform, Depth Charge Rails, DC Handling Davits, Funnel Cap Grills, Fwd Training Stops, Aft Training Stops, Anchors, Mainmast Yardarm, Foremast Yardarms, Foremast DF Antenna, Torpedo Handling Davits, Range Finder Sights, Semaphores, Whaler Davits, Motor Boat Davits, Foremast Light Cluster 

HMS HOTSPUR Whaler Davits, Anchors, Bridge Windscreen, Aft DF Antenna (Optional), Handling Davits, Stern Tackle Gantry, Bridge Wing Supports, Alt Bridge Wing Supports, Foremast Yardarms, Gun Protector Supports (Fwd), Gun Protector Supports (Aft), Motor Boat Davits, Funnel Cap Grills, MG Platform Bracings, Fwd Funnel Platform, Main Gun Breaches, Main Gun Shields, 

HMS SUFFOLK Boat Davits, 01 Deck Double X Braces, Funnel Platform, Large Motor Boat Cradles, Whaler Cradles, 291 Antenna, Quarter Deck Davits, 01 Deck Supports, Main Crane Jibs, Crane Hooks, Binocular Mountings, Bridge Windscreen, Gun Director Yagi Aerials, Single X Braces, Bridge Rangefinders, Alt Catapult Turntable, Mast Starfish Assemblies, 279 Radar Antenna, Mast Top Platform, Depth Charge Rails, Walrus Amphibian Parts, Cross Deck Catapult Launch Cradle, Funnel Cap Grills,  Alt Catapult Assembly

WEAPONS AND BOATS 4 Barrelled Pom Pom, .5" Quad Vickers MG, 27' Whaler Parts, Stove Pipes (Long), Stove Pipes (Medium), Stove Pipes (Short), Stove Pipes (Unbraced), Twin 20mm Oerlikon, Single 20mm Oerlikon 

. This set contains all the specific parts for the Airfix Campbeltown, Cossack, Hotspur, Manxman & Suffolk (Belfast is covered separately by PE 615, and Ajax by PE 617). You only need buy one of these sets to cover all of these kits, but for each model will need to buy one PE 631, which contains the more generic fittings such as rails. LARGE PICTURE