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WEM 1/600 "Ultimate" Post-War Royal Navy Set 2 (PE 625)


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WEM 1/600 "Ultimate" Post-War Royal Navy Set 2 (PE 625).

Contains the generic fittings for the Airfix Victorious, Fearless, Devonshire, Leander, Tiger, Amazon and Daring. You will need one set for each of these kits, plus one PE 624, which will cover all of the above kits. Remember, you only need buy ONE PE 624 for ALL the models, but a PE 625 for EACH kit. LARGE PICTURE

Buy this set for each AIRFIX 1/600 Modern RN kit that you decide to build to provide top quality "generic" parts! Contains: Rails for Modern Royal Navy, Doors, Hatches, Anchor Cable, Vertical and Inclined Ladders, County Class and Leander Flight Deck Safety Netting, Seacat Launcher Guide Rails, Wessex Rotors.