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WEM 1/600 "Ultimate" Kriegsmarine Set 3 - Pocket Battleship, Cruiser & Destroyer (PE 633)


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WEM 1/600 "Ultimate" Kriegsmarine Set 3 - Pocket Battleship, Cruiser & Destroyer (PE 633)

This set contains all the specific parts to build one each of the Graf Spee, Admiral Scheer, Prinz Eugen, Admiral Hipper, Blucher and "Narvik" from the Airfix Graf Spee, Prinz Eugen and Narvik kits. You only need buy one of these sets to cover all of these kits. For each model however, you will need to buy one PE 627, which contains the more generic fittings such as rails. LARGE PICTURE


HIPPER, BLUCHER, PRINZ EUGEN Turmmast Front Yard Footbars, Mainmast Lower Yards (Hip), Crane Jibs (Pr Eugen), Stern Crests (ALL), Forward Boat Gantries, Crane Cabs  (Hip), Funnel Cap Grills, Catapult Turntable, Mast Top Yards, Catapult, Crane Back Rigging (Hip),  T'mast Fwd Footbars (Pr Eug), Crane Jib (Hip), Funnel Platform (Hip), Conning Platform Support, T'mast Aft Yards (Pr Eug),  Superstructure Rails (Pr Eug),  FuMo25 Radar Antenna, FuMb 7 Radar Antenna, Early FuMo 26 Antenna, FuMo27 Radar Antenna, Bridge Wing Railings, Enclosed Bridge Top, Mainmast Lower Platform, Lower Platform Supports, Late FuMo 26 Antenna, Front Director Supports, FuMo 22 Antenna, Lower Platform Footbars, Bridge Wing Platforms, Mainmast Upper Platform, Upper Platform Footbars

NARVIK Aft FuM Radar Antenna, Prop Guards (Nar), Mast Yard Long Footropes, Z30 Forward Catwalk, Mainmast, Mast Top Yards, FuM Antenna Mounting, Crane Jib, Crane Rigging, Mast Yard Short Footropes, Bridge Wing Bracing, Main FuM Antenna, Z30 Aft Catwalk, Mast Yard Star, Mine Handling Davits

Cutter Davits, Director Arm footbars, Turmmast Fwd Yardarm, Turmmast Aft Yardarm, Turmmast Aft Yards (Gr Spee), Turmmast Fwd Yards (Gr Spee), D/F Loop Antenna, Radar Mounting Brackets, Turmmast Fwd Platform, FuMo22 Antenna, Crane Rigging, Turmmast Side Platforms, Foremast Platform Braces, Funnel Platform Braces, Bridge Wing Supports, Mainmast Aerial Spreader, Yardarm Footropes, Mainmast,  Crane Jibs