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WEM 1/600 RMS Queen Elizabeth/Queen Mary (PE 621)


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WEM 1/600 RMS Queen Elizabeth/Queen Mary (PE 621).

Fits the Airfix Queen Elizabeth and Revell Queen Mary. Contains degaussing cable for those modellers wishing to convert to WWII troop carrying fit. LARGE PICTURE

Contains: 3-Bar Safety Rails, Inboard Fitting, 6-Bar Safety Rails, Seaward Fitting, Davit Upper, Standard, Davit Lower, Standard, Large Vent Grille (Queen Mary), Small Vent Grille, (Queen Mary), Anchor Cable, Saloon Doors, Cabin Doors, Davit Upper, Small, Davit Lower, Small, Degaussing Conduit Junctions, Boat Thwarts, Standard (Queen Elizabeth), Boat Thwarts, Small (Queen Elizabeth), Double Sliding Doors, Degaussing Conduit Straights, Inclined Ladders. This set has THREE fully illustrated pages of instructions.