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WEM 1/600 Moskva (PE 618)


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WEM 1/600 Moskva (PE 618). Designed to fit the Airfix kit. LARGE PICTURE

Contains: Top Sail Supports, Top Sail Rear Vanes, Top Sail Screen, Top Sail Diapole, Top Sail Platform, Headlights Top Brackets, Headlights Mounting Frame, Headlights Diapoles, Headlights Screens, Headlights Screen Mountings, Headnet Radar Scanners, Mack Aft Corner Yard, Goblet Missile Launcher Parts, Top Sail Lower Platform Yards, Hangar Door (Right), Hangar Door (Left), Cable Guide Support, Cable Guide Wheel, Sonar Buoy Gantry, Great Seal of USSR, Leningrad Name Plate, Boat Crane Jibs, Soviet Star Badges, Moskva Nameplates, Helicopter Rotors, Helicopter Tailplane parts, Helicopter Undercarriage parts, Yard Tip Antenna, Weather Deck Bulkheads, Doors, Lift Well Surrounds, Port Stern Rails, Starboard Stern Rails, Stern Davit Supports, Stern Boat Davits, Main Yard Tip Antenna, Main Yard Upper Antenna, Vent Front Grilles, Mack Main Yards, Vertical Ladders, Anchor Cable, Inclined Ladder (Stock), Flight Deck Safety Rails, 2-Bar Railings, 3-Bar Railings, Bow Railings (Front), Bow Railings (Centre), Bow Railings (Rear).