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WEM 1/600 King George V Class Battleship (PE 619)


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WEM 1/600 King George V Class Battleship (PE 619).

Designed to fit the Airfix KGV, but contains parts and information for the entire class for modellers intending to convert their kit. LARGE PICTURE

Contains: 20mm Single Oerlikon (x60), 8 Barrelled Pom Poms, 4 Barrelled Pom Poms, 20mm Twin Barrels for MkV, Degausing Cable, Foremast Top (Late Fit), 32' Cutter Davits, Assorted Doors and Hatches, 27' Whaler Oars & Rudder, 32' Cutter Oars & Rudder, 27' Whaler Cradles, Forward ER Vent Grills, Aft ER Vent Grills, Vertical & Inclined Ladders, Mainmast Aerials, Crane Top Cables, Crane Jibs,284 Gunnery Radar, Bridge Front DF Aerial, Crane Cabs, Crane Jib 'A' Frame,  ESM Aerials,  Walrus Fittings, 279 Radar & Platform,  281 Radar Aerials, Jackstaff, Ensign Staff, Catapult Cradle, FH3 HF/DF Aerial, 25' Motor Boat Cradles, 45' Motor Launch Cradles, 45' Motor Boat Cradles,  Foremast Starfish,  Mainmast Starfish (Post Refit), 91 TBS Aerial, 277 Surface Radar, Mainmast Starfish (Early), Funnel Cap Grills, Headache Aerials, Foremast IFF Aerials,  Foremast Yards, Top 86 TBS Aerial,  Headache Aerials, Type 285 Yagi Aerials,  Type 282 Yagi Aerials, 16' Motor Dinghy Cradles,  IFF Interogator Aerial,  Modified Aft Funnel Platform,  Fwd Funnel Siren Platform, Sirens, IFF Aerials, Accommodation Ladders, Mainmast IFF Aerial, Main HACs Tower Platforms, 85/86 TBS Aerials, 32' Cutter Cradles, Anchor Cable, 2 -bar Railings, 3-Bar Railings.