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WEM 1/600 HMS Nelson/Rodney (PE 629)


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WEM 1/600 HMS Nelson/Rodney (PE 629). Designed to enhance the Airfix Nelson kit. Contains parts for those wishing to convert there kit to Rodney. LARGE PICTURE

Contains: 3 Bar Railing with Angled Stanchions, 2 Bar Railing, 20mm Oerlikons and Shields, 8 Barrelled Pom Poms, Plain 3 Bar Railing, Single 4" AA Mountings, Accommodation Ladder Davits, Stern Boat Boom, Anchor Chain, Inclined Ladder (Stock), Vertical Ladder (Stock), Accommodation Ladder (Double),  Mainmast Starfish Assembly, 284 Gunnery Radar Antenna, Catapult Assembly (Rodney), Catapult Cradle, 281 Radar Antenna Assembly, Quad Bofors Barrels, Quad Bofors Mounting Base, Funnel Cap Grill, Director Platform Antenna (Rodney), 286 Yagi Antenna Assembly, Mainmast Boom Rigging, Mast  Top Platforms, Bridge Front DF Loop, Rangefinder Arms, Accommodation Ladder (Single), Jack & Ensign Staffs, 282 Yagi Antenna Assembly, Mainmast, Searchlight Platform Supports, Deck Crane Base (Rodney), Deck Crane Jib (Nelson), Deck Crane Cab (Nelson), Anchors, Watertight Doors, Large  Skylights, Deck Hatches, Bridge Front Yards (Nelson), Director Tower Front Yard (Rodney), Funnel Siren Platform, Small Skylights, Director Tower Aft  Yards (Nelson), Foremast Yards, Mainmast Top Yard, Mainmast Mid Yard, Mainmast Lower Yard, Deck Crane Jib (Rodney), Funnel Searchlight Platform Supports, Foc's'le Deck Crane (Large), Foc's'le Deck Crane (Small), Director Tower Aft Yards (Rodney), Deck Hatches, Boat Davits, Bridge Front Yards (Rodney)