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WEM 1/600 HMS Hood (PE 616)


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WEM 1/600 HMS Hood (PE 616).

Designed to fit the Airfix kit, which is an early 1930's fit. This set contains the aircraft catapult that was fitted on the quaterdeck at this time, which may be added together with a Fairey F IIIF from our "Professional" range. LARGE PICTURE

Contains: Crane Jib Lower Section,Crane Jib Main Section,Crane Body,Crane Body Baseplate,Main Mast Derrick Rigging,Aviation Fuel Tank Mounting,Bridge Semaphores, Admirals Bridge Screens and Railings,Spotting Top Roof Windvanes,Main Director Arm Stays,Mainmast Starfish Assembly,3pdr Saluting Cannons,Funnel Cap Grills,Lifebouy Mounting Brackets,Quarterdeck Break Stairs,Bridge Roof Rangefinder,Stern Boat Booms,A/C Tail Skid Platform (B Turret),A/C Flying Off Platform (B Turret),Foredeck Break Stairs,27' Whaler Cradles,Topgallant and 40' Yard,Spotting Top Yards,Mainmast Rigging,Sundry Deck Hatches,32' Cutter Cradles,Aircraft Catapult Assembly,Funnel Housing,Vent Grills,Aircraft Catapult Turntable,Spotting Top Starfish,Vertical & Inclined Ladder Strips,30' Gig Rudders & Oars,27' Whaler Rudders & Oars,25' Motor Boat,Cradles,16' Dinghy Cradles,35' Motor Boat Cradles,32' Cutter Rudders & Oars,Watertight Doors,30' Gig Cradles,42' Motor Launch Cradles,Jack & Ensign Staff,32' Cutter Cradles, 8 Barrelled Pom Poms, 50' Steam Pinnace Cradles, Aircraft Catapult Cradle, Loading Davits, 45' Admirals Barge Cradles, Anchor Cable, Anchors, Whaler Davits, Seachlight Lens, Aft Accommodation Ladder and Davits, Mid Accommodation Ladder and Davits, 32' Cutter Davits