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WEM 1/350 Varyag Class Cruiser (PE 35087)


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WEM 1/350 Varyag Class Cruiser (PE 35087). For the Zvesda kit. LARGE PICTURE

Contains: Catwalk Railings, Fitted Bow Railings, Fitted Stern Railings, Flying Bridge Railings, Searchlight Platform Railings, Life Rings, Deck Hatch Railings, Focsle Deck Aft Railings, Aft Platform Deck Railings, Aft Compass Platform Railing, Pilot House Roof Railing, Bridge Wing Railings, Stern Walk Supports, Stern Walk Platform, Stern Walk Canopy Frame, Stern Walk Railing, Stern Platform Pulleys, Stern Platform, Searchlight Platform Supports, Bridge Wing Cross Bracing, Bow Scrollwork, Small Two-Port Hatches, Anchor Crane, Small Boat Davit Pulleys, Extended Davit Pulleys, Accommodation Ladder Handrails, Gangway Entrance Emblems, Ladder Deploying Frame, Accommodation Ladders, Boat Hooks, Mainmast Ratlines, Foremast Ratlines, Large Boat Davit Detail, Large Boat Davit Spacer, Turnbuckles, Compass and Pelorus, Funnel Upper Handrails, Ship's Wheel, Stern Crest, Funnel Cap Grills, Aft Compass Platform Supports, Flying Bridge Cross Braces, Pilot House Vertical Ladder, Pilot House Roof, Replacement Pilot House Assembly, Pilot House Doors, Mast Gun Platform Supports, Yardarm Footropes B4, Eyebolts, Coaling Scuttles, Funnel Vertical Ladder Sections, Whaleboat Rudders 16-d, Small Boat Rudders B10, Small Boat Rudders 16-e, Cutter Rudders 16-c, Open Launch Rudders 16-b, Yardarm Footropes B47, Mast Gun Platform Handrails, Inclined Ladders B23, Inclined Ladder D12, Inclined Ladders B40, Inclined Ladders (Director Tower), Forward Grated Platforms, Inclined Ladders B31, Aft Grated Platforms, Large Skylight Hatches, Aft Bulkhead Double Doors, Porthole Surrounds x 174, Anchor Chain, Gun Layers' Hand Wheels, Large Davit Pulleys and Tackle, Small Boat Oars, Large Boat Oars, Large Single-Port Skylight Hatches, Small Two-Port Skylight Hatches, Deck Hatch Grates, Small Single-Port Skylight Hatches, Watertight Door Assemblies.