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WEM 1/350 Udaloy Class (PE 35099)


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WEM 1/350 Udaloy Class (PE 35099). For the Trumpeter kits. Contains two frets. LARGE PICTURE - FRET 1 LARGE PICTURE - FRET 2

 Fret 1, Fret 2 Contains: Helicopter Rotor Control Links, Ka-27 Helicopter Rotors, Rotor Head Doublers, Helicopter Rotors (Folded), Foremast Vertical Ladder, Foremast Radar Wave Guide, Foremast, Foretopmast Platform Support (Forward), Foretopmast Platform Support (Aft), Replacement Lattice Mast Part F6, Mainmast Upper Antenna Platform, Mainmast, Large Cable Reel, Replacement Lattice Mast F8, Hangar Platform Upper Supports, Mainmast Upper Platform Supports, Foremast Upper Yardarm Support (Port), Foremast Upper Yardarm Support (Starboard), Mainmast Radar Platform Cross Braces, Mainmast Radar Platform Supports, Upper ESM Sensor Platform Supports, Upper ESM Sensor Platforms Outer Supports, Boat Props, Motor Launch Rudder Gear, Motor Launch Bow Rail, Work Boat Rudder Gear, Mainmast Lower Plaform Supports,  (Aft), Mainmast Lower Plaform Supports (Forward), Mainmast Lower Platform Support Braces, Boat Davit Falls, Boat Davit, Boat Davit Foot Braces, Whip Antenna Base, Flight Deck Nets, Flight Deck Side Nets, Fregat Radar Antenna Assembly, Watertight Doors, Small Doors, Inclined Ladders G54, Inclined Ladders G53, Inclined Ladder G52 (Port), Inclined Ladder G52 (Starboard), Liferaft Canister Racks, Accommodation Ladder Handrails, Accommodation Ladder Steps, Flight Deck Supports & Side Railings, Hangar Platform Supports & Side Railings, RAS Post Support Brackets Parts G19, Stock Vertical Ladders, Shaped Fo’c’sle Railings, UHF Antenna Assembly, Torpedo Tube Area Side Railings, Stern Railings (Port), Stern Railings (Starboard), Boat Deck Railings, Missile Tube Deck Railings, Crane Hook, Crane Rigging, Stock 4-Bar Railings, Stock 3-Bar Railings, 2-Bar Full-Height Railings, 2-Bar Half-Height Railings, 2-Bar Footrail/Handrail, Single Handrail, Mainmast ESM Link Platforms, Mainmast Lower ESM Platforms, Mainmast Radar Platform, Replacement Lattice Mast F4, Mainmast Upper ESM Platforms, Replacement Lattice Mast F3, "Cross Sword" Radar Dish Cross, "Cross Sword" Top Antennas,  Mainmast Upper Platform Assembly, "Sprat Star" Antenna, Small ESM Antenna Posts, Small ESM Antenna Dipoles, Maintopmast, "Cage Bare" Antennas, RBU 6000 Launcher Blast Shields, "Pop Art" Antennas, DF Loop Antenna, RBU 6000 Tube End Clips, Foremast Lower Platform Supports, Foremast Lower Platform, Foremast Top Platform, Foremast Top Platform (Forward), "Strut Pair" Antenna Back Frame, "Strut Pair" Antenna Mounting Frame, "Strut Pair" Antenna, Foremast Yardarm Rear Platform, "Prim Wheel" Antenna, Foremast Port Yardarm, Foremast Yardarm Link Platform, Foremast Starboard Yardarm, Ka-27 Helicopter Interior Fittings.