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WEM 1/350 USS Wasp (LHD-1) The Ship (PE 35138)


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WEM 1/350 USS Wasp (LHD-1) The Ship (PE 35138). For the Revell/Gallery Models kits.

Contains: Stock 3-bar Railing, Railings (Flight Deck Starboard), Railings (Stern Platform Starboard), Railings (Catwalk E2), Railings (Lower Catwalk Sponsons Stbd), Railings (Catwalk E12), Railings (Stern Deck), Railings (Catwalk E10), Railings (Catwalk D3), Railings (Catwalk E13), Railings (Catwalk E11), Railings (Catwalk E1), Railings (Catwalk D8), Railings (Vehicle Deck Gallery), Railings (Lower Catwalk Sponsons Port), Railings (Boat Bays Starboard Side), Railings (Starboard Side Bays), Railings (Vehicle Deck Platform), Railings (Part A20), Railings (Stern Sea Sparrow Platform), Railings (Port Aft RAM Platform), Railings (Sea Boat Platform Port), Railings (Accommodation Ladder Platforms), Railings (Aircraft Elevator Openings), Railings (Hangar Deck Platforms), Railings (Radome Platforms B13), Railings (Vehicle Deckhouse Balcony), Railings (Platforms A53 & A68), Railings (Platforms D10 & D21), Railings (Small Radome Platforms), Railings (Bataan Foretopmast Platform), Catwalk (J71 Stbd Aft Radome Platform), SPS-10 Radar Antenna Assembly, SPS-48 Radar Antenna Assembly, SPS-49 Radar Antenna Assembly, Catwalk Rail Leanouts, Foretopmast Antenna Array, Safety Nets (Port Aft Corner), Safety Nets (Shaped for RAM Launcher), Safety Nets (Starboard Aft Corner), Anemometers for Foremast Yardarms, Hangar Shelf Retainer Straps, Safety Nets (Starboard Side Forward), Starboard Aft Satcom Antenna Platform, Foretopmast Pole Antennas, Safety Nets (Elevators Front and Rear), Safety Nets (Elevators Outboard), Maintopmast Pole Antenna, Safety Nets (Flight Deck Front), Catwalk (Island Starboard), Maintopmast Pole Antennas, Maintopmast Pole Antennas, Safety Nets (Flight Deck Port Side), Stern Platform Supports A15, Sea Boat Windscreen Frame, Safety Nets (Flight Deck Aft Centre), Inclined Ladders (Catwalk Access), Funnel Cap Grilles, Caged Inclined Ladders for Hull Side, Inclined Ladder A25, Inclined Ladder J52, Inclined Ladders B28, Inclined Ladders J51, Inclined Ladder (Vehicle Deck Gallery, Inclined Ladders (Vehicle Deckhouse), Well Deck Gallery Access Platforms, Well Deck Gallery Railings (Starboard), Well Deck Gallery Railings (Port), RHIB Fittings, Railings (SPS-49 Antenna Platform), Railings (Sea Sparrow Forward Director), Railings (Sea Sparrow Aft Director), Railings (Mainmast Platform A71), Stock 2-bar Railing, Railings (Port ECM Platform), Railings (Platform K16), Railings (Forward Phalanx Deck), Railings (Pole Antenna Enclosure), Railings (Bridge Roof), Railings (Maintopmast Platform), Railings (Foretopmast Platform), Railings (UNREP Winch Enclosure), Railings (SPS-48 Antenna Platform), Railings (Island Main Deck Starboard), Railings (Starboard ECM Platform), Railings (Aft Radome Deck), Railings (Aft Control Room Roof), Railings (Air Ops Room Roof), Railings (Radar Platform J61), Railings (Island Main Deck Port), Railings (Forward Sea Sparrow Deck), Railings (Radome Platform J33), Catwalk Supports (Part D9), Catwalk Supports (Part D22), Catwalk Supports (Part D5), Catwalk Supports (Part D7), Catwalk Supports (Part D20), Catwalk Supports (Part D27), Catwalk Supports (Part D24), Catwalk Supports (Part D11), Catwalk Supports (Part D25), Catwalk Supports (Part D6), Catwalk Supports (Part D17), Catwalk Supports (Part D16), Catwalk Supports (Part D28), Catwalk Supports (Parts D18 & D26), Catwalk Supports (Parts D14), Small Radome Supports Port Forward, Small Radome Platform Port Aft, Small Radome Supports Port Aft, Lower Catwalk Underside Brackets, Accommodation Ladder Handrails, Accommodation Ladder Steps, Bridge Port Side Catwalk Extension, Foremast Catwalk Assembly, Sea Boat Grab Ropes, Bridge Front Catwalk, Bridge Starboard Side Catwalk, Fire Hose Points, Foremast Lower Platform (Late Fit), Foremast Top Platform (Late Fit), Foremast Side Lattices (Late Fit), Foremast Top Platform Support (Late Fit), Foremast Rear Lattice (Late Fit), Overboard Dump Chutes, Cable Reels (Medium), Vehicle Deck Platform Braces, Vehicle Deck Platform Extensions, Vehicle Deck Platform Supports (Port), Vehicle Deck Platform Supports (Starboard), Replacement Satcom Antennas, Sea Boat Falls, UNREP Hoses, Cable Reels (Small), Fuel Hose Reels, Catwalk Ladder Landing Supports and Rails, Well Deck Gantry Track Curves (Large), Well Deck Gantry Track Curves (Small), Vertical Ladder Stock, Well Deck Gantry Track, Upper Catwalk Supports.