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WEM 1/350 USS Missouri (PE 35034)


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WEM 1/350 USS Missouri (PE 35034)

Suitable for the Tamiya and Trumpeter kits of the Missouri in WW2 fit.

Contains mid section, tower top, upper compass platform, forward Mk57 platform, aft funnel searchlight catwalk and forward tower whistle platform railings; Mk12 and Mk22 radar antenna assembly, wildcat and capstan brake wheels, Mk3 FC radar antenna, mainmast TBS antenna gaff, SR, SP, SK, SG, Mk 27 & SK2 radar antenna assemblies, SK2 platform rear support frame, fore funnel cap aft outrigger, foremast SK2 antenna platform, Mk 8 FC antenna mounting feet, Mk 8 FC antenna catwalk, Mk 8 FC antenna mounting supports, Mk 8 FC antenna dipoles, Fwd tower TDY antenna platform, DF loop antennas (Mk57 director), TDY antenna mounting poles, signal halyard fairleads, mainmast platform, TDY radar antennas, TDY-1 radar antennas, mainmast platform railing, AD platform outriggers, mainmast yardarm safety rail, mainmast gaff support, funnel cap catwalks, AD platform IR sensors, TBS antennas, hawse pipe grilles, stowed leadsmans’ platform BK ECM antennas, SK radar antenna platform, forward yardarm fittings, lookout platforms, flag bag fittings, foremast top and working platforms, fwd funnel antenna outrigger, extra 40mm bofors fittings, Mk 51 directors, sky lookout assemblies, small and large floater net baskets, fire hose reels, Mk 57 director details.

Fret 2 contains forward and aft midships main deck, stern and upswept bow railings; standard 3-bar and 2-bar railings, platform footrails and handrails, safety rail netting, vertical ladder stock, float plane catapult assemblies, stowed side ladder davits, anchor chain and stoppers, aircraft crane hook, jib and parts, support 'X' brace, foremast brace and outrigger, steering position fittings, round bridge front (Iowa), ECM antenna yards, stowed loading davits, upper bridge windows (Iowa), bridge windows (square bridges), bulkhead gantries, funnel cap grills, aft funnel S/L platform supports, conning tower windows, aft funnel mast platform, midships director tower braces, stowed accommodation ladders, whaleboat cradles, davit assemblies, prop, rudder and thwarts; accommodation ladder steps, rigging and handrails; boat fenders, floatplane launch cradle, Curtiss SC1 Seahawk fittings, hockey stick vents, oxygen bottles, acetylene tanks, swabs in racks, two types of inclined ladders, breakwater braces, wire cable reels, fire hose point; small and large escape hatches and waffle pattern hatches, inclined ladders with landings, replacement 20mm shields, WT doors: clipped, plain and waffle pattern and life rings.