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WEM 1/350 USS Hornet CV-8 "The Ship" (PE 35025)


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WEM 1/350 USS Hornet (CV-8) "The Ship" (PE 35025). For the Trumpeter kit.

Contains standard and close stanchioned 3 bar and 2 bar railings, chain link safety railing, rudders and props for: motor whale boats, 50' motor launches and 40' motor boats; rails for 50' motor launches and 40' motor boats; flight deck gun sponson nets, Mk 4 fire control radar, single 20mm oerlikon mounting, single .50 cal machine gun, starboard side antennas, foremast top antenna, fittings for 5" 38 single mountings, 10.5mm inclined ladder, crane jib, stay, cable guide and attachment bracket, top platform railing, hook  and walkway handrail; quad 1.1 gun barrel set and mounting assembly; forward flight deck support beam, open and closed fairleads/chocks, hose bundles, bridge platform extension, forward and aft batmans' platforms and jump nets; perforated searchlight platforms, liferaft paddles and retainers, liferaft webbing floors, short catwalk inclined ladders, 7mm, 8mm, 8.5mm and 14mm inclined ladders, discreet deck lighting fixtures, fire hose points, leadsmans' platforms, replacement starboard side platform, stowed accommodation ladders, CXAM radar mounting yoke, CXAM radar screen assembly, horseshoe lifebouy and rack, forward catwalk and railings, small hose reels, replacement fantail cable reels, 8mm inclined ladders, stock vertical ladder, foretop upper and lower yards and footropes and lower half yards; mainmast upper and lower yards, island aft landing assembly, frame and rails, support brackets and upper and lower inclined ladders; funnel upper port and starboard catwalks and funnel cap grills.

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