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WEM 1/350 USS Arizona (PE 35021)


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WEM 1/350 USS Arizona (PE 35021)

Designed for the Banner/Trumpeter kit. Two sheets of brass in two different thicknesses. Fully relief etched for extra realism. 

Part one in 4 thou brass contains: chain railing - general use and close stanchioned; standard 3 bar and 2 bar railing; long, medium, short and double width inclined ladders; centre handrail for double width ladders, 40' and 50' motor launch rudders and stern rails, boat crane rigging, aircraft crane hooks, 40' motor boat rails, range clocks, motor whaler rudders, funnel cap grill, boat crane inner hooks, fighting top lower, middle and upper windows, catapult shuttles, boat crane end hooks, superstructure casemate shutter plates, aircraft crane rigging, fighting top fore and aft braces, turret catapult platform railings, vertical ladders, mainmast tripod leg ladders, fore top outriggers, boat crane handrail, searchlight platform lower catwalks, main fighting top side yards, accommodation ladders, davits and falls, handrails, turret catapult cable reel ends, hull break curved railing section, 5" AA gun front platform, 5" AA gun mechanisms, 0.5" machine guns.

Part two in 7 thou brass contains: fantail catapult and track, catapult arm, bird bath flag staff, aircraft crane assembly and rigging, catapult turntable, Vought Kingfisher parts, 7 types of gun tub splinter shields, watertight doors, fairleads/chocks,rangefinder and platform side and aft supports, midships gun tub pedestal and base, boat crane jib, searchlight platform inner and aft side supports, funnel aerial spreader, mainmast aft yard, 50' launch thwarts, boat crane cab, boat crane stays, lifebouys, 40' launch thwarts, turret catapult platforms, deck hatches and combings, turret catapult ram and side plate.