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WEM 1/350 Type 23 Frigate - FOR WEM RESIN KIT (PE 35108)


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This is the PE fret from the WEM Type 23 resin kit. FOR THE TRUMPETER KIT, SEE PE 35167.

Contains no detailed instructions, only an illustrated parts list.

Contains:  Standard 3-Bar Railings, Shaped Fo'c'sle Railings, DLF(3) Platform Supports, Boat Deck Platform Supports, Capstan Brake Handwheels, Anchor Chain Slips, Fairlead Doublers, Anchor Chain, Vertical Ladder Stock, 1006 Radar Platform Railing, Stowed Accommodation Ladder (Starboard), Stowed Accommodation Ladder (Port),  Stern Opening Railings, Foremast Forward Yardarms, Foremast Forward Yardarm Supports, Foremast Forward Yardarm Sensors, Foremast Rear Yardarms, Foremast Rear Yardarm Supports, Foremast Forward Half Yard, Mainmast Yardarms, Approach Beacon Mounting Brackets, Caged Vertical Ladder, Hangar Roof Horizontal Light Bar, Bridge Roof DF Antenna, SCOT Platform Framework, Alternative SCOT Platform, Harpoon Missile Tube Cradles, Hangar Roof Antenna, Binocular Sights, Harpoon Missile Blast Deflectors, 30mm Gun Deck Safety Nets, Watertight Door Assemblies (Small), 911 FC Director Platform Supports, 911 FC Director Platforms, Flight Deck Side Nets, Flight Deck Stern Nets, Funnel Crowns, Large Signal Lamps, Small Signal Lamps, Life Raft Canister Racks, Mainmast Yardarm Railings, Mainmast Yardarm Support (Starboard), Mainmast Yardarm Support (Port), Mainmast Gaff Antenna, ECM Antenna, ECM Antenna Yardarm Support, ECM Antenna Yardarm, Bridge Roof Forward Antenna, Foretopmast Platform Supports, Foretopmast Platform, Funnel Gaff, Foremast Wire Antenna Spreader, 996 Antenna Face Plate, Foremast ECM Antenna Plates, Foretopmast Support Structure, Life Rings, Merlin Helicopter Tail Rotor, Merlin Helicopter Main Rotor, Merlin Tail Fold Joint, Merlin Tail Cone Strakes, Merlin Underside Antenna, Lynx Helicopter Tail Rotor, Lynx Tail Cone Blade Antennas, Lynx Main Rotor Fold Cradles, Lynx Helicopter Main Rotor, Lynx Tail Fold Joint, Lynx Tail Plane, Midship Deck House Platforms, Ships’ Superstructure Name Plates, Replacement Boat Cradles, Sea Boat Self-righting Frame, Sea Boat Crane Rigging, Sea Boat Steering Wheel, Hangar Roller Door, Flight Deck Hold Down Grid, Propellers, Lookouts’ Equipment, Watertight Door Assemblies, Glide Slope Indicator, Fore and Aft Approach Beacons.