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WEM 1/350 Town Class Destroyer (PE 35134)


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WEM 1/350 Town Class Destroyer (PE 35134). This is the PE fret from the WEM 1/350 HMS Montgomery kit.

Contains: Main Deck Railings (Aft), Foc’s’le Railings, Foc’s’le Railings (Optional), Aft Superstructure Railings, Aft Superstructure Railings (Canvas Dodgers), Galley Roof Railings, Galley Roof Railings (Canvas Dodgers), 27’ Whaler Thwarts, 27’ Whaler Oars and Rudder, Vertical Ladder Stock, Bridge Front DF Antenna Platform, Inclined Ladder (Aft Superstructure), Searchlight Tower Platform, Aft 3” Gun Footplate, 286 Radar Antenna Assembly, Ship Boat Retaining Straps, Midships Gun Platform Supports, Midships Gun Platforms, 291 Radar Antenna, Assorted Splinter Mats, Funnel Cap Grilles, Foremast Lower Yardarm, Foremast Upper Yardarm,  Midships Carley Raft Stowage, Anchor Assemblys, Lantern Radar Platform, Depth Charge Rail Frames, Depth Chrage Rails, Inclined Ladders (Galley House), Anchor Chain Stock, Inclined Ladder (Bridge), 25’ Fast Motor Boat Fittings, Boat Davits, 20mm Oerlikon Mountings, USN Boat Skid Davits, USN Boat Skid Frame, USN Boat Cradle Supports, USN Boat Cradle Braces, Torpedo Loading Davit, USN Style Prop Guards, Depth Charge Loading Davits, Bow Anchor Crane, Inclined Ladder (Bridge Roof), Rudder (Altenative), Aft Compass Cover Frame, Prop Guard Supports (Late Fit British), Prop Guards (Late Fit British), Bridge Windows, Bridge Screen (Port Side), Bridge Screen (Stbd Side), Radar Lantern Frame, 0.5” Machine Guns, 4”/50 Deck Gun Shield, 3”/50 Deck Gun Shield, Searchlight Tower (Early USN Style), Searchlight Tower Railing, Aft Carley Raft Racks.