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WEM 1/350 Sovremenny Class Destroyer (PE 35060)


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WEM 1/350 Sovremenny Class Destroyer (PE 35060)

2 Frets in different thicknesses, to fit the Trumpeter kit.

Fret 1 contains: 4 bar and 3 bar rails, 2 bar close stanchion railings, "prim wheel" antenna assembly,  wind vanes, cage antenna assembly, formed fo'c'sle railings, "top steer" radar front screen, mounting frame, radar rear formers, separator frames, rear radar screen and formers; IFF antenna, fregat radar maintenance platform, "pop art" antenna, AK 130 gun barrel coolant pipes, helicopter restraint net, AK 130 turret footsteps, fo'c'sle break inclined railings, AK 130 turret circular handrail, AK 130 turret front platform rails, long and short inclined ladders, port and stbd boat cranes & UNREP platforms, UHF antenna, "cage bare" antennas, funnel forward platform support, foremast tower lower walkway, foremast yard wire aerial spreader, foremast front platform support, shtil missile launcher footplates, helicopter control linkages, Kamov KA27 interior details set, RBU 1000 tube end mechanisms, flight deck safety nets, foremast platform assembly, foremast platform port and stbd yard support.

Fret 2 contains: 3 bar railings, vertical ladders, helicopter restraint net retainer frame, folded helicopter rotors, small access doors, mainmast port yard aft frame, mainmast stbd yard aft frame, mainmast port and starboard yards, mainmast port and starboard yard lower frame, small access doors, 956 mainmast: forward and aft lattices, port and starboard lattices, top antenna, forward and aft platforms; hangar deck extension rails, fregat radar: small and large front plates, small and large rear frames, IFF mounting plate, small and large mountings and centre pintle; "top steer": radar rear and front dipole, stays and plate, IFF mounting, centre pintle bracket; rear screen mounting frame, funnel platform supports, solid railing rounded end sections, standard QR doors, walkway railing, DF loop antenna (free standing), foremast platform aft walkway, foremast platform stbd sensor support, helicopter rotor head plates, 956E mainmast lattices, 956E mainmast side platforms, 956E mainmast yard stbd aft frame, 956E mainmast yard port aft frame, 956E mainmast yard stbd, 956E mainmast yard port, 956E mainmast aft lattice, mainmast DF loop antenna, UHF type antenna, fregat radar IFF antenna.