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WEM 1/350 Slava Class Cruiser (PE 35098)


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WEM 1/350 Slava Class Cruiser (PE 35098). For the Trumpeter kits. Contains two frets.

 Fret 1, Fret 2 Contains: Standard 4-Bar Wire Railing, Standard 3-Bar Wire Railing, Standard 2-Bar Railing, Low 2-Bar Railing, Half-height 2-Bar Railing, Single-Bar Hand/Foot Rail, Bridge Roof Antenna Enclosure, Foc's'le Antenna, Shaped Foc's'le Railings, "Top Pair" Radar Antennas, Bridge Roof Antenna, Missile Tube Walkway Rails, Missile Tube Walkways, RBU 5000 Rear Latches, RBU 5000 Forward Latches, Foremast DF Antenna Assembly, "Top Steer" Radar Antennas, "Pop Group" Safety Nets, "Pop Group Radar Antenna, Midships UHF Antenna, "Pop Art" Antennas, VHF Antennas, Funnel Lattice E9, Funnel Lattice E2, "Cage Bare" Antennas, Circular Handrail, Circular Handrail Stanchions, Small Lattice Masts E20, Funnel Front DF Antennas E3, "Top Dome" Railing, " Top Dome” Access Ladder, AK-130 GunTurret Handrail, Midships Antenna Enclosure, "Fregat" RadarAccess Platform, Bridge Front Antenna Assembly, "Front Door" Radar Antenna, "Top Piece" Radar Antenna, "Front Door" Radar Mounting, Ka-27 Helicopter Interior Fittings, Whip Antenna Enclosure (Small), Whip Antenna Enclosure (Large), "Side Globe" Platform Railings, "Side Globe" Platform Rails (Top Front), Solid 3-Bar Railings, Solid 2-Bar Railings, Accommodation Ladder Stowage, Accommodation Ladder, Accommodation Ladder Handrails, Foretop Platform Lattice Support, Foretop Platform B6, Foretop Platform Rear Brace, Foretopmast Rear Antennas, Foretop Mast E18, Foretopmast DF Antenna B12, "Top Steer" Radar Mounting, Side Opening Head Rails (Aft), Side Opening Head Rails (Forward), Inclined Ladder (Hangar Side), Inclined Ladder (Deck Step) F38, Inclined Ladder (Flight Deck) F39, Boarding Gangway Assembly, Foremast Platform B21 Supports, UHF Antenna Pole, "Top Plate" Fregat Radar Assembly, Engine Air Intake Grille Platforms, Propeller Guards, Aft Superstructure Antenna D33, Flight Deck Netting, Signal Gantry Outer Support, Signal Gantry, Signal Gantry Inner Support, Watertight Doors, Gun Turret Footsteps, Gun Barrel Depression Stop, Gun Barrel Cooling Pipes, Small Access Doors, Handrail for Platform 78, Foretopmast Forward Platform B9, Helicopter Rotors ( Extended), Helicopter Rotor Head Doublers, Helicopter Rotors (Folded), Helicopter Rotor Control Links, Flight Deck Safety Nets (Small), Flight Deck Safety Nets (Large), "Top Pair" Radar Mountings, Mainmast Yardarms E16, Foremast Platform B27, Foremast Platform B5, Crane Rigging, Crane Jib Head Rigging, Crane Jib Head & Hook, Crane Brace Plate for C20, Crane Rear Braces, Boat Davit Rigging, Anchor Chain, Vertical Ladder Stock, Boat Masts, Boat Props & Rudders, Boat Foredeck Railings.