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WEM 1/350 Scharnhorst (PE 35130)


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WEM 1/350 Scharnhorst (PE 35130)

LARGE PICTURE For the Dragon kit.

Contains: Railings (Stock 3-Bar), Gun Deck Railing Netting, Railings (Bruckenhaus Deck Aft), Hand Rails, Railings (Curved Foc'sle Sections), Railings (Bow Sections), Railings (Aft Lower Superstructure), 150mm Single Gun House Canvas), Railings (Battery Deck), Railings (Bruckenhaus Deck Platforms), Railings (Funnel Platform Aft), Railings (Aft 105mm Gun Deck), Railings (Mainmast Platform K29), FuMb1 Antenna (Foretopmast), Railings (Funnel Platform Forward), Railings (Mainmast Platform K33), Railings (Railings Platform L36), Anchor Chain Stoppers, Aft 3.7cm Twin Mounting Splinter Shields, Railings (Forward Searchight Platform), Foremast Brace, Seaplane Launch Cradles, Forward Catapult Access Platform, Catapult Pulley Wheels, Forward Catapult, Aft Catapult, Aft Catapult Support Bracket, Aft Catapult Access Platform, Bridge Windscreens, Stern Eagle, Dinghy Rudders, Forward Boat Frame Catwalks (Port), Forward Boat Frame Catwalks (Starboard), Accommodation Ladder Handrails, Accommodation Ladder Davit and Rigging, Accommodation Ladder Steps, FuMb 7 Radar Antenna, FuMo 27 Radar Antenna, FuMo22 Radar Antenna, Paravane Parts, Foretop Yardarm Foot Ropes, Bow Crests (Scharnhorst), Bow Crests (Gneisenau), Sea Boat Rudders, Marx Floats, Anchorman's Platforms, Sea Boat Oars, 11-meter Admiral's Gig Fittings, 11-meter Launch Fittings,  11-meter Launch Canvas Cover Frames, Crane Hooks, Single 20mm C38 Gun Mountings, Watertight Deck Hatches, Short Crane Rigging, Long Crane Rigging, Watertight Doors.