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WEM 1/350 Modernised USS New Jersey (PE 35035)


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WEM 1/350 Modernised USS New Jersey (PE 35035). Suitable for the Tamiya and Trumpeter kits of the New Jersey in early 1980's fit.

Fret 1 contains foremast ECM antenna frame (1968), ECM antenna platforms, Mk 13 director radar antenna feet, main director B23 rear platform, flag box fittings, compressed air bottles, harpoon launch racks, horseshoe vent pipes, compass platform D32 window frames, crane hook, aircraft crane back jib (1968), frame and left and right rear braces; funnel cap grilles, unrep post upper and lower platforms, accommodation ladder davit, rig and steps; Mk 25 fire control radar antenna; SH-60 helo rotors and fittings (spread and folded) and rotor blade cradles; anchor chain retainers, whaleboat rudders and thwarts, accommodation ladder handrails and fender; forward satcom platform support frame, boat gantry rigging, unrep post hoses and rigging, satcom antenna dishes, compressed gas bottles, upper and lower NTDS antenna spreaders, small and large liferaft container racks, upper and lower bridge window frames, vertical ladder stock, anchor chain stock, bow antenna frame side (G12) and upper (F27) braces, fire hose points.

Fret 2 contains stock 3-bar and 2-bar railing; stock handrails; railing: mainmast yardarm, tomahawk deck outer handrailing, lower funnel base deck, upswept fo'c'sle, chaff launch deck, forward phalanx deck, aft signal deck, forward funnel cap deck, bridge roof, bridge roof deck house, unrep post top, foretop satcom platform, aft funnel satcom platform, tomahawk deck C7, weapon deck C4, upper gun deck, aft superstructure platforms, signal deck, foremast radar platform, upper ECM box platform, lower tomahawk deck; small, medium and wide cordage reels,  QR access hatches and faces, flight deck safety nets, whaleboat supports (1968), funnel cap catwalks, inclined ladders: G37, upper superstructure, with landings for parts C16 and C17, and foredeck step; foremast yardarms (forward and rear), mainmast antenna array (1968), large hose reel, SPS-10 radar antenna, SPS-6 radar antenna (1968), medium and large hawser reels, large cable reels, unrep post upper and lower platforms, whaleboat davits (1968), AN/SPS-49 radar antenna, deck hatches and faces (small and large), small access hatches and faces and watertight doors and faces.