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WEM 1/350 Kidd Class Destroyer (PE 35095)


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WEM 1/350 Kidd Class Destroyer (PE 35095). Covers the four ships of the class (DDG 993-996), which are improved versions of the Spruances. LARGE PICTURE.

Contains: Foc’sle Railing Sections, Main Deck Mid Section Railings, Transom Railing, Fantail Side Railings, Fantail Step & Uptake Railings, Hangar Roof Railing Aft, Bridge Wing Railings, Signal Deck Railings, Forward Superstructure Step Railings, Forward ECM/ESM Platforms, Hangar Roof Side Railings, Forward Intake Vent Catwalk Railing, Forward Superstructure Starboard Railing, Mid Superstructure Side Railings, Superstructure Top Deckhouse Railings, Mid Superstructure Aft Railings, Intake Vent Box Top Railings, Small Side Platform Railings, Boat Deck Boarding Platforms, Boat Deck Upper Access Platform, Upper Access Platform Railings, Main Deck Aft Railings, Aft Superstructure Extension Supports, Mainmast Fittings, Foremast Fittings, SPS- 49 Radar Antenna, SPS-48 Radar Antenna, Inclined Ladders (Boat Deck Mid), Inclined Ladders (Fantail Step), Inclined Ladders (Bridge Wings), Inclined Ladder (Fwd Superstructure Step), Inclined Ladders (Boat Deck Lower), Starboard Aft Superstructure Forward Extension, .50 Cal. Machine Guns, Spare Railing Sections, Flight Deck Safety Nets (Port), Flight Deck Safety Nets (Aft), Flight Deck Safety Nets (Starboard), Flight Deck Safety Nets (Sponson), Flight Deck Safety Nets (Sponson), Boat Upper Platforms, SH-60B Helicopter Fittings (Spread), SH-60B Helicopter Fittings (Folded), .50 Cal. Machine Gun Tripods, Anchor Chain, Floodlight Banks, Helicopter Rotor Blade Cradles, Stock Vertical Ladders, Stowed Accommodation Ladders, Harpoon Missile Canister Cradles, Refueling Hose Reel, Single Davit Assembly, Boat Falls for Single Davit, Capstan Brake Wheels & Spray Shields, Front Double Doors, Cantilever Type Boat Cradles, Hawse Pipe Cover Grilles, Port Boat Deck Cradle, Boat Deck End Railings, Motor Boat Fittings, RHIB Cradles, Starboard Boat Deck Cradle, Whaleboat Fittings, SATCOM Antenna Assembly, Fire Hose Points.