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WEM 1/350 J, K & N Class Destroyer (PE 35059)


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WEM 1/350 J, K & N Class Destroyer (PE 35059). The fret from our WWII 1/350 J, K & N class kits.

Contains: late war lattice mast,  lattice mast top platform, radar scanner, lattice mast yardarms, 291 radar antenna, foremast DF antenna, aft fitted DF antenna, bridge front DF antenna, bridge wing semaphores, aft aerial spreader, TSDS winch handles, paravane davits, 285 HA gunnery radar yagis, jack and ensign staffs, galley stove pipes, bridge wing signal lamps, depth charge rails, tripod foremast spacer frames, accommodation ladders, funnel platform handrails, 4 barrelled pom-pom mechanism, TSDS depressor paravane platform, foremast lower yardarms, foremast upper yardarms, funnel cap grill, anchors,  accommodation ladder handrails, boat davits, rudder, 286 radar antenna assembly, mainmast & yardarm, torpedo davits, 4" HA gun footplate, 0.5" quad vickers machine gun,  oerlikon platform supports, 20mm twin power mount parts, motor cutter and fast motorboat fittings, 20mm single oerlikons, 20mm twin oerlikons, depth charge handling davits, anchor cable, splinter matting, stock vertical and inclined ladders, guardrails for gun mountings, name plates for all J, K & N's, upswept bow railings, 2-bar and 3-bar railings.