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WEM 1/350 Independence Class-Light Carriers - The Ship (PE 35149)


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WEM 1/350 Independence Class-Light Carriers - The Ship (PE 35149). For the Dragon kit.

Contains: Fret A, Stock 3-Bar Railings, Stock 2-Bar Railings, Railings, Hull Blister (Port), Railings (Catwalk E20), Railings, Ladder Landings, Railings, Hull Blister (Starboard), Railings (Catwalk E27 & E21), Railings (Catwalk E15), Railings (Catwalk E9), Railings (Catwalk E10), Railings (Catwalk E26), Railings (Catwalk E17), Railings (Stern/Fantail), Railings (Aircraft Park Starboard), Railings (Mast Platform H37), Railings (Catwalk E7), Railings (Mast Platform H43), Railings (Compass Platform), Railings (Catwalks E16 & E18), Railings (Catwalk E23), Railing (Topmast Platform Alternate), Railing (Searchlight Platform Alternate), Railing (Flight Deck End Edge Forward), Railings (Catwalk E11), Footrails (Flight Deck Ends), Railings (Deck Park Gun Tub Starboard), Railing Replacement (Kit Part MB30), Fighting Lights Lower (Port), Fighting Lights Lower (Starboard), Railings (Bow), Railings (Catwalk H64), Railing (SG Radar Platform 1), Railings (Crane Base), Footrails (Flight Deck End Forward Under), Railing (Flight Deck End Edge Aft), Footrails (Flight Deck End Aft Under), Safety Nets (Deck Park Starboard), Fighting Lights (Upper), Topmast Pole Yards, Folding Antenna Wire Spreaders, SG Radar Antenna, SP Radar Antenna, SK2 Radar Antenna, SC2 Radar Antenna, SK Radar Antenna, Flight Deck Elevator Railings, SC Radar Antenna, Funnel Rails (Kit Parts I18 & I19), Funnel Rails (Kit Parts I15), Railing Replacement (Kit Part MB7), Hull Side Vent Grilles (Large), Hull Side Vent Grilles (Small), YE Radar Antenna, Aircraft Crane Jib, TBS Antennas, Railing Replacement (Kit Part MB24), LSO Safety Net, Railing Replacement (Kit Part MB25), Railing Replacement (Kit Part MB13), Railing Replacement (Kit Part MB35), Railing Replacement (Kit Part MB17), ailing Replacement (Kit Part MB14), Railing Replacement (Kit Part MB16), Railing Replacement (Kit Part MB18), Railing Replacement (Kit Part MB15), Railing Replacement (Kit Part MB11), Railing Replacement (Kit Part MB22), Railing Replacement (Kit Part MB26), Railing Replacement (Kit Part MB21), Railing (Crane Roof), Railing Replacement (Kit Part MB28), Railing Replacement (Kit Part MB1), Floater Net Baskets (Large), Floater Net Baskets (Small), Stock Vertical Ladder, Funnel Handrails (Kit Parts I22), Funnel Wire Antenna Bracket, Funnel Whip Antenna Brackets, Funnel Wire Antenna Spreader; Fret B, Accommodation Ladder Steps, Accommodation Ladder Rigging, Ladder Landing Rubbing Rails, Accommodation Ladder Handrails, Watertight Doors, Aft Bulkhead for Fantail, Hawser Reels, Aft Hawser Reel Housing, Aircraft Deck Park Decking, Deck Park Supports (Long), Deck Park Supports (Short), Port Flight Deck Park Plate, Replacement Catwalk Part E26, Replacement Platform H31, Whaleboat Rudders, Reproducer Faces (Round), Replacement Catwalks E15, Replacement Catwalk H64, Funnel Wire Antenna Spreader, Hawser Reel House Doors, Replacement Catwalks E20, Replacement Catrwalks E27, Reproducer Faces (Pivoted), Topmast Pole Gaff, Replacement Catwalk E16, Replacement Catwalk E18, Replacement Catwalk E9, Replacement Catwalk E10, Inclined Ladders for E9 & E10, Handrails for E9 & E10 Ladders, Loading Davits, Replacement Catwalk E7/E19, Inclined Ladders (Short), Forward Splinter Shield Venturi, Replacement Catwalk E17, Replacement Catwalk E23, Temorary Flight Deck Windbreaks, Island Starboard Catwalk, Catwalk E11, Reproducer Faces (Rectangular), Windbreak Supports, Yardarm Gear, Forward Gun Tub Front Supports, Forward Gun Tub (Port), Forward Gun Tub Platform (Port), Forward Gun Tub (Stbd), Forward Gun Tub Bulkhead (Port), Forward Gun Tub Bulkhead (Stbd), Forward Gun Tub Centre & Rear Supports, Modified Forward Catwalks, Funnel Bracing (F27/F11/F13), Port Catapult Track, Starboard Catapult Track, Funnel Bracing (F28/F10/F12), Funnel Bracing (F29/F14/F16), Funnel Bracing (F30/F15/F17), Replacement Mast Platform H1, Replacement Mast Platform H43, Alternative Mast Platform H43, Alternative Mast Platform H37, Mast Platform Front Support, Replacement Lattice Mast, Crane Hook, Forward Hull  ‘A’ Opening Blanks, Forward Hull Bulge (Port), Forward Hull Bulge (Stbd), Propeller Guard Frames, Propeller Guard Supports (Solid), Propeller Guard Supports (Open), Propeller Guard Underside Supports, Ladder & Landing Kit Part H40, Anchor Chain Stops, Mast Short Yardarm Footropes, Mast Full Yardarm Footropes, Replacement Mast Platform H37, Alternate SG Radar Platform, SK Radar Platform, Inclined Ladder, Alternate Mast Platform H1, Topmast Pole SG Radar Platform, Yardrm Footropes (Independence), Yardarm Footropes (Topmast Pole), Bridge Windscreens & Canopy, Bridge Side Screens, Elevator Cables & Pulleys