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WEM 1/350 HMS Sheffield (PE 35015)


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WEM 1/350 HMS Sheffield (PE 35015). These two large sheets from our Sheffield kit contain numerous parts suitable to anyone modelling a Royal Navy cruiser of this period. 

Contains 3-bar rails, with and without stanchion supports; 2-bar rails, inclined ladders, narrow and wide vertical ladders, anchor cable, single 20mm oerlikons and shields, quad 0.5" machine guns, accommodation ladder davits, accommodation ladder and rails, funnel cap cages, funnel siren platform, watertight doors, washdeck locker tops, ammunition locker doors, 4" gun breech mechanisms, bridge font D.F. aerial, foremast anemometer, eight types of deck hatch, aft superstructure scuttles, jack and ensign staffs, searchlight lenses, aircraft loading trolley, hangar carley raft brackets, Supermarine Walrus parts; 6" gun depression stops, paravane trolleys and brackets, double watertight doors, pom-pom directors, torpedo trolleys, aft funnel vent covers, pom-pom director tub braces, funnel well platforms, signalman's table, type 79Y radar aerials, type 285 radar aerials and brackets, meteorological instrument mounting bracket, 6" turret doors, foremast lower yard footrope, crew shelter stowage frames, director pedestal platform, type 284 radar aerials, depth-charge racks, aft steering position screens, bridge windscreen, partitions and armoured roof; crane parts, pom-pom parts, mast starfish, catapult, catapult braces, trolley, extensions and internal brace; forward funnel braces, ventilator braces, semaphores, boat well cross braces, aft carley float racks, searchlight platform braces, boat well skid beams and chocks, whaler davits, chocks for 32' cutters, 16' dinghies, 16' motor dinghies, 35' motor boats and 25' motor boats; parts for 25' motor boats, 35' motor boats, 27' whalers, 32' cutters, 16' dinghies and 36' pulling pinnaces. No detailed instructions included, only a parts list.