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WEM 1/350 Graf Spee (PE 35126)


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WEM 1/350 Graf Spee (PE35126).  Designed for the Academy kit, but equally applicable to the Trumpeter version.

Fret 1 Contains: Railings (Main Deck Aft of Gun Sponson, Fo’c’sle, Main Deck Forward of Gun Sponson, Aft Superstructure Deck, Railing (Aft Superstructure Deck Rear Edge, Quarterdeck, Hull Step Edge, Aft Director Platform, Funnel Platform, Platforms Parts E14 and E15, Conning Tower Deck, Boat Deck Forward G18 & G26, Gun Deck G19 G23 & G24), 9-meter Launch Fittings, 11-meter Launch Fittings, FuMo 22 Radar Antenna, Accommodation Ladder Davits, Accommodation Ladder Handrails, Motor Launch Steering Wheels, Accommodation Ladder Steps, Boat Crane Rigging (Crane Stowed), Boat Crane Rigging (Jib Raised), Tower Mast Rear Yardarms, Vertical Ladder Stock, Crane Hooks, Tower Mast Forward Yardarm, Searchlight Lens, Topmast Yards, 15cm Gun Shield Sight Windows (Open), 15cm Gun Shield Sight Windows (Closed), Capstan Handwheels (Large), Capstan Handwheels (Small), Foretop Director Array;

Fret 2 Contains: 3.7cm Flak C30 Twin Mounting, 2cm Flak C30 Single Mounting, 10.5cm Flak Fuze Setters and Hatches, Aircraft Catapult, Catapult Service Platform, Searchlight Platform Supports, Early Tower Mast Searchlight Platforms, Aircraft Launch Cradle, Arado Ar-196 Floatplane Parts, Forward Boat Cradle Assembly C67, Forward Boat Cradle Supports, Forward Boat Cradles, Aft Boat Cradle Supports B22 (Port), Aft Boat Cradle Supports B22 (Starboard), 28cm Gun Turret Sighting Windows, Forward Searchlight Platform Supports E20, 6-meter Longboat Thwarts and Rudder, 8-meter Cutter Thwarts and Rudder, 15cm Gun Breech Plates, Propeller Guards (Stowed), Funnel Platform Side Supports, 11-meter Launch Side Seats, 15cm Gun Shield Back Screen (Stowed), 28cm Turret Rangefinder Window Hatches, Mainmast Stays, Ensign Staff Support, Propeller Guards Deployed, Funnel Platform Front Supports, ‘Coronel’ Plate, Mainmast Lower Yardarm, Kriegsmarine Stern Eagle, Foremast Support Platform, 9-meter Launch Side Seats, Inclined Ladders C12 & C13, Inclined Ladder C11, Inclined Ladder C10, Foretop Director Arm Footbars, Inclined Ladder C28, Aft Director Arm Footbars, Inclined Ladders C64, Inclined Ladders C41, Inclined Ladders A6, Graf Spee Bow Crests, Paravane Parts, Hawser Reels A10, Cable Reels, Anchor Chain, Handrail Stock, Anchor Stoppers, Watertight Doors, Watertight Hatches.