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WEM 1/350 Black Swan Class Sloop (PE 3588)


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WEM 1/350 Black Swan Class Sloop (PE 35088). From our HMS Starling kit. Parts list only - no specific instructions.

Contains: Mainmast (Lattice Version), Lattice Mainmast Yardarms, Lattice Mast Top Pole, 293 Radar Antenna, Tripod Mast Stays (Early Mast), Early Mast Yardarms, Navigation Light Fittings, Mast Light Cluster, Lookout Sights, Lattice Mainmast ( Post WW2 Fit), Forward AA Platform Supports, Aft Boat Davits (Alternative), Bridge Cover & Framework, Funnel Sirens, Bridge Windscreen, Funnel Cap Grille, Motor Dinghy Cradles, Funnel Siren Platform, 291 Radar Antenna, 27' Whaler Davits, Signal Lamps, Accommodation Ladder Rails, Radar Mast Gaff, Radar Lantern Mast, Accommodation Ladder Steps, Inclined Ladder, Quarterdeck Ladders, Quarterdeck Ladder Handrails, Depth Charge Davits, 40mm Hazemeyer Fittings, Motor Boat Fittings, 20mm Single Oerlikons, Forward DF Antenna, Stern Depth Charge Rails, Forward Boat Booms, Anchors, Ensign Staff & Boat Boom, Jack Staff, Bridge Semaphores, Searchlight Lens Cross, Bow Plate, Stove Pipes, 285 Gunnery Radar, 25' Motor Boat Cradles, Accommodation Ladder Davits, Director Catwalk Assembly, Flare Rocket Launchers, Depth Charge Cradles (Large), Depth Charge Holders, Depth Charge Cradles (Small), Single Depth Charge Cradles, 2-Bar Close Stanchion Railing, 2-Bar Railings, 3-Bar Railings, Foc's'le 3-Bar Railings, Cowl Vent Grilles, Vertical Ladder Stock, Anchor Chain, Ships' Name Plates