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WEM 1/350 Ark Royal (PE35181)


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A comprehensive, 2 sheet set  (only one of the sheets is pictured) for the Merit kit. Includes:

Railings Boat Decks F2 & F10,  Railings Quarterdeck Openings,  Railings Fo’c’sle Deck Openings,  Railings Funnel Island Starboard,  Railings Upper Gallery Deck Stbd, Railing Part C32, Railings Lower Hangar DeckFwd (Stbd), Railings Lower Hangar DeckFwd (Port), Railings (Suspended Fwd Catwalk Inner), Flyco Folding Catwalk Island Port Side, Railings (Lower Hangar Deck Amidships), Railings (Lower Hangar Deck Aft) 13. Railings (Suspended Fwd Catwalk Outer) 14. Railings (Part PE B17) 15. Railings (Part PE B23), Railings (Paravane Deck Starboard), Railings (Paravane Deck Port), Railings (Flyco Folding Catwalk), Stern Gallery Grills, Railings (Part PE A21), Funnel Siren Platforms, 8 Barreled Pom Pom Details, Flight Deck Fwd Windbreak, Windbreak Support Stays, Aircraft Crash Barrier, Boat Crane Base, Aft AA Gun Deck Extension, AA Gun Access Ladder Rear, AA Gun Access Ladder Fwd, Bridge Canopy and Windshield, Folding Antenna Brackets (Front), Boat Crane Jibs, Forward Suspended Catwalks, Searchlight Lens Crosses, 0.5” Quad Machine Guns, Island Port Side Bulkhead, Bridge Wind Venturi Parts, Catapult Windbreaks, Folding Side Antenna Masts, Folding Antenna Brackets (Mid), Folding Antenna Brackets (Aft), Aft Boat Sponson Extensions, Flight Deck Catwalk (Stern), Flight Deck Catwalk Side Nets, Flight Deck Catwalk Supports, Splinter shield (Forward Lower), Catwalk Port Aft 1, Catwalk Port Aft 3, Catwalk Port Aft 5, Catwalk Port Fwd 11, Catapult Windbreak Stays, Catwalk Port Fwd 7 Catwalk Port Fwd 9, Mast Top Platform, Catwalk Stbd Aft 2, Catwalk Stbd Aft 4, Catwalk Stbd Fwd 10, Catwalk Stbd Aft 6, Catwalk Stbd Fwd 8, Bridge Deck Boards, Night Life Buoys, Mast Lower Platform, Mast Mid Platform Assy, Splinter Shield Aft Enclosure, Funnel Platform Supports, Aft AA Platform Supports, Catapult Pulleys, Funnel Cap Fillet, Funnel Cap Grill, Degaussing Cable (Stern), Degaussing Cable (Bow), Splinter Shield (Forward Upper AA, Blakes Stoppers, Paravane Crane Jibs, Splinter Shield (FD Island Stbd Aft), Degaussing Cable (Port Forward), Splinter Shield (FD Island Stbd Fwd), Elevator Windbreaks, Adms Bridge Catwalks, Fwd Rear Pom Pom Riser, Bow Fairleads, Degaussing Cable (Stbd Forward), Degaussing Cable (Stbd Fwd Middle), Degaussing Cable Curved Sections, Degaussing Cable Angle Steps, Degaussing Cable (Port Life Raft Shelf), Degaussing Cable (Port Fwd Middle), Degaussing Cable Stock Lengths, Vertical Ladder Stock , Anchor Chain, Inner Boat Cradle Extractor Frames, Pom Pom Ammunition Lockers, Inner Boat Cradles, Outer Motor Boat Cradles, Maintenance Punt, 36’ Motor Launch Fittings, Accommodation Ladder Handrails, Accommodation Ladder Steps, 35’ Fast Seaplane Tender Parts, Flight Deck Pallet Platforms, Port Pom Pom Access Ladder, Paravane Parts, 32’ Cutter Fittings, Admiral Bridge Ladders (Up), 35’Fast Motor Boat Fittings, 25’ Fast Motor Boat Parts, Admiral Bridge Ladders (Down), Lower Gallery Deck Ladders