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WEM 1/350 Admiral Kuznetsov (PE 35037)


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WEM 1/350 Admiral Kuznetsov (PE 35037). Designed for the Trumpeter kit.

Fret 1 contains funnel mounted antenna dipoles, kashtan mounting antenna dipoles F20, topaz (strut pair) antenna, mounting frame and back frame; island forward DF antenna A28/29, kashtan mounting small dipoles F19, funnel aft DF antenna loop A32/E12, 'cake stand' homing beacon antennas F15, fregat radar centre pintle, fregat radar Small and large mounting, IFF antenna and IFF mounting plate, small and large rear frames and small and large front plates; funnel mounted UHF antennas, 'cake stand' DF loop antenna A22, pole antenna spreaders for D35, ESM antenna poles, ESM antenna dipoles, island port and starboard aft upper antenna and brace, starboard bow antenna, MR360 podkat top antenna F4, MR360 podkat dish antenna cross, island superstructure doors and cable reels.

Fret 2 contains deck edge footrails, crane rigging, short handrails, MR360 podkat platform rails, 4 bar standard and superstructure rails, 3 bar platform and 2 bar half rails, elevator retractable safety rail, flight deck aft safety net, flight deck angle safety net C11, flight deck forward safety net, port forward Klinok SA-N-9 launcher net, folding safety barrier starboard klinok launcher, folding safety barrier section D23, D26, D3, D4, D7 and D8; bridge roof HF/DF antenna, funnel lattice yardarms, lattice yardarm walkways, bridge wing supports, island ECM platform supports, flyco position supports, island aft pole antenna yards for E20, 'cake stand' top rails, elevator folding safety rails, short and long deck edge folding safety barriers, small and large port flight deck edge platform, island port and starboard vent grills, MR360 port and starboard forward and aft podkat platform support, folding antenna mountings, funnel yardarm inner and outer lattice antennas, crane fittings, bow stars and crest, funnel starboard antenna mounting, island aft pole antenna supports E19, RBU12000 linkages, elevator well catwalk railing, elevator platform cables, folding antenna platform (sponson), loud speaker faces, QR doors, long and short inclined ladders, sky watch plate corner antennas, arrester wire guides and deck feeds, standard and double width vertical ladders, lower elevator deck railings, folding antenna platform (ramp) and port and starboard life raft canister holders.